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Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Remember two weeks ago when MW couldn't take the heat at the John Deere? Well, the weather at Evian has been in the 90's for about a week and is forecast to be the same for Wednesday and Thursday. Friday, a cool front is due with accompanying rain showers. The question is: Will Bubbles make it to Friday when the cool temperatures and low humidity reminiscent of Oahu will prevail? Will the refreshing winds from the Swiss Alps sweep Bubbles to victory as Jim COULTHARD has predicted? Stay tuned, sports fans.
2006-07-25 @ 18:04
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
I said nothing about the refreshing winds from the Swiss Alps--but I did predict vistory for Michelle. I have to wonder, however, about what personal cooling device Michelle will be using at the Evian Masters. At Sharper Image today I saw a viedo of golfers wearing a particular device to keep them cool outside.
2006-07-25 @ 18:47
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor]
Michelle will win the Evian. She's well rested and she's motivated. I'm sure she wants to make up for John Deere.

She's human and I'm sure she's read some of the recent criticism and feels stung by them even though she's not showing it

2006-07-25 @ 18:50
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
Michelle Wie has a much better chance to win the Evian than any recent tournament that she has entered. Besides being well rested, as Jenny pointed out, Wie has been practicing her short game and she's feeling confident.

Where I feel bad that she had to bail at the John Deere, hopefully Wie learned something from her experience...like, drink plenty of fluids this week!
2006-07-25 @ 18:56
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Hope she packed her little bottle of FAKE PUKE.....I t'll help make it look more convincing!!!
2006-07-25 @ 19:34
Comment from: JR [Visitor]
I have to hand it to you MW fans... prior to each time she plays in a tourney it's always, "she's gonna win, she's gonna do this... she's gonna ......" However, after each event it's always, "well, she's only xx, she's tired, she has homework, blah blah blah....." Who knows, maybe it is her week this time around. Here's my prediction... MW will either miss the cut or have a top 10 finish... but won't win.... There's a shocker!!!!
2006-07-25 @ 22:24
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
We see the brilliance of the Wie critic. JR---MW will either miss the cut or have a top 10 finish...but won't win...

A knowledgeable golf person would not talk about the possibility of Michelle Wie missing the cut in an event that does not have a cut.
2006-07-26 @ 00:19
Comment from: Bud [Visitor]
touché Jim
2006-07-26 @ 03:05
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
I'm still waiting for someone to come up with a name of someone who had a better professional start in their first LPGA season, five consecutive top five finishes. Seven times for the past eight events (eight if you count she completed all rounds in fourth place at the Samsung).

Did Annika do it? No!

Did Nancy do it? No?

Did Julie do it? No!

Maybe Paula did it? No!

Morgan? No!

Lorena? Nopes!

Brittany? No!

Kathy Whitworth? No!

I've been waiting for quite some time Alex, George, Judge, John D, JR or the other wie haters who are stuck on stupid to come up with any answers.

Considering Michelle has a significant head start on her career than when Annika and Kathy started playing and had their first wins, odds are she may do very well indeed.

Let me give you a clue, clueless ones, if they don't exist is hasn't happened before.

I'm content watching consistent fine play from someone the age of an average Junior golfer.

Anyone who can't appreciate the effort is clearly stuck on stupid!

2006-07-26 @ 04:17
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Let's just say, "Will History Repeat Itself?"
2006-07-26 @ 05:10
Comment from: JR [Visitor]
For the last time.. hopefully... I am not a MW "hater", I am a MW "out of touch" fan "disliker".. How's that?

Ah Coulthard.... you see... I did not know that the Evian Masters did not have a cut... that's just out of the norm (as compared to the vast majority of other pro stroke play tournaments). My mistake, I admit it... But you seem to like taking pot shots at folks... is this part of your character? Are you one of those individuals who relies on the good nature of others not to reply in kind???? We'll let that one go for now.

Now, back to the top 10 but wont win... it is possible to have a top 10 AND win.... so my prediction of top 10 and WONT win is plausable. You see, even when a non MW fanatic tries to say something positive, it's shot down. Now... folks, let'w watch our manners on this site...

OnePut... there you go again with a reference to age... she will be turning 17 soon (ie...few months). this entire argument you put forth just doesnt do anything. What are you MW folks gonna do once she's no longer a minor??????

For MW, I hope she does win...... but until she does, it is very entertaining watching her misguided fans write "interesting" things on the blog.
2006-07-26 @ 08:00
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
OK, guys, let's see what we have. Jim C and Jenny flat out predict that Bubbles will win at Evian. That's really going out on a limb for a player who has never won on any tour. I'd make that bet, but I'd need 15 to 1 odds. Stacy isn't quite so sure. She cautiously states that Michelle nas a better chance of winning the Evian than any recent event she has entered. And One-Putt is content to drag out his litany of Bubbles' monumental accomplishments, to twice employ the now-trite phrase of "stuck on stupid", and to refer to some people as clueless. He makes no prediction for the Lanky One, who is today competing on the LPGA tour where she belongs and where she can compete successfully, as she has demonstrated. (Without winning, to be sure). I am a Wie skeptic, but since she is playing against the ladies, I predict that she'll score 10 under or better and finish top five or better. However, she will not win. And since there is no cut to be made and therefore not much pressure, if any, with which to deal, the 90F+ heat won't bother Bubbles at all. What about you, One-Putt? What is your prediction?
2006-07-26 @ 08:06
Comment from: Ford [Visitor]
Michelle Wie's record in LPGA events is tremendous, no argument there One-Putt. What she does not have is a win and I believe that says as much about her game as do the consistently high finishes.

Calling this Michelle's first year on the LPGA tour is a little misleading, she has played in over 40 LPGA events and has been taking exemptions since she was 13 years old. It is a testemant to her skill and perhaps a bit unfair, but she should have won something by now. Regardless of her age she has had the game to win and has not.

When you are billed as the future of the women's game and as somebody who will only use the women as a stepping stone to play against the men then you have to deliver and for my money top 5's on the LPGA tour should be expected not celebrated.

You can't have it both ways--Michelle is either the next coming or she's just another very good golfer. If she is the transcendant women's player of our generation then let's see her prove it, starting with winning on the ladies tour. If she's just another great golfer, then please feel free to brag about her high LPGA finishes minus any victories.

2006-07-26 @ 10:58
Comment from: Ford [Visitor]
Pot meet kettle...With all due respect One-Putt you of all people should not be calling anybody stupid.
2006-07-26 @ 11:02
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
Notice the LPGA home page. It tells us Waugh, Ochoa, and Kim share the lead a 6 under, with sixteen year old sensation Michelle Wie trailing by five strokes. It is only by checking further that you learn Wie actually trails by only 3. Once Wie completed her round at -3, would it be too much to go back and correct the error on the home page?
2006-07-26 @ 14:07
Comment from: Ford [Visitor]
The whole big, bad world is against poor, little Michelle Wie. Are you suggesting some sort of sinister plot to keep Michelle and her fans down? Perhaps, Michelle has actually been winning tournaments, but the evil overlord that is the LPGA tour has been keeping us in the dark.

Never fear, Jim, you're idol is right where she should be, T-8. I expect Michelle to make a valiant run at the leaders, once she is unburdened of the pressure of actually winning the tournament before settling into her familair top 5 spot. The other scenario, of course, is that she holds a share of the lead going into the final two holes only to three-putt from 6 feet or need two shots to get out of a fairway bunker, whatever the scenario, the result is predictable another oh so close losing effort. Her finish is almost as predictable as your response, which even though you have predicted victory for her(as you do every week) will sound like one big fat excuse rolled into a pathetic pep talk.
2006-07-26 @ 14:41
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
Another blooper by the LPGA. On purpose or by accident that her score is recorded incorrectly?
2006-07-26 @ 14:43
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jimbo, If 16 year old sensation Michelle Wie completes four rounds at the Evian in fewer strokes than the rest of the field, she'll have her first win and it won't matter what the LPGA puts on their home page. They obviously posted that info before Bubbles eagled the 18th hole, a long and difficult 467 yard par FIVE. Bubbles had better not get too accustomed to a pitty-pat course like the one at Evian with 6242 yards. When she gets to Mystic Rock at the 84 Lumber, 7516 yards, about three quarters of a mile longer than Evian, she might get another case of heat stroke no matter what the weather.
2006-07-26 @ 14:46
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
Wie is tied with Annika Sorenstam and several others. I think I know how Sorenstam will behave this week. She will keep climbing the leaderboard. But how will Wie do? Will she persevere or get heat stroke and be carried off on another stretcher?
2006-07-26 @ 14:47
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
You asked for my prediction Alex so here go:

Lorena should win as her Golf Kung Fu is very powerful right now.

Karrie or Mi Hyun for second place as their games are peaking right now.

Annika will finish in the top five as it is difficult to win after a major victory and she has her mind on the Weetabix next week thanks to Tiger's text message.

If Michelle leads in GIR and keeps her PPR under 30 she will finish the Evian in the top five near the top. If she doesn't she will finish towards the bottom of the top five or slip into the top ten.

Speaking of the Weetabix with Annika and Michelle, I believe if Michelle takes a tip from Tiger it might be her moment to win. Michelle is one of the few gals who can drop a two iron in her bag and fire for effect. She has gained a great deal of experience hitting long irons while playing on the men's tour. Staying in the fairway away from the pot bunkers is the key to success in links golf. Annika is normally very accurate with her driver, but it will be difficult to keep the ball from running thru the fairway if the same weather conditions persist as the men had last week.

Predict a win for a sixteen year old? I might be stupid Alex and Ford, but I am not stuck on stupid. If it happens it happens, if it doesn't happen, so what?

2006-07-26 @ 15:04
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Has Stacy, heretofore one of Bubbles' most ardent admirers, begun to head for the lifeboats? Is Stacy about to abandon the Good Ship Wie? Did I read the last part of her post correctly? Did Stacy actually question Bubbles' ability and/or desire to persevere? Did Stacy really equate Bubbles alleged heat stroke and subsequent stretcher trip with lack of perseverance? Stacy, say it isn't so!
2006-07-26 @ 15:05
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
One-Putt, Do you realize that you've accused two of your fellow Wie Warriors of being stuck on stupid? Jenny and Jim COULTHARD have flatly predicted that Bubbles will win at Evian. Such treachery will not be treated lightly by the Wie hive. You have some tall explaining to do.
2006-07-26 @ 15:14
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
Alex, I never throw all of my eggs in one basket.

Would I like to see Wie finally win a tournament? YES.

Do I think Wie could win an event on the LPGA tour? YES.

Do I believe that this may be her week to win? YES.

Will it be because of her own inner conflicts that she succeeds or falters? Undoubtedly so.

P.S. Alex...thanks for making me laugh just now...I needed it!
2006-07-26 @ 17:49
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Stacy, That's what I like about you. Your opinions are so definite.
2006-07-26 @ 19:00
Comment from: Jim COULTHARD [Visitor]
The earlier LPGA homepage listed the 3 leaders, when it became clear they would be the 3 leaders, but told us that Wie was 5 back, without telling us that Wie had yet to complete her round. If they were going to do this, they should have been ready to immediately update the information when Wie completed the next hole and her round, particularly since 18 was a fairly easy hole.

2006-07-27 @ 02:07
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Jim: yeah the LPGA website sucks. I can't find information when I'm really looking for it. It's interesting to me that LPGA.com used to have a profile of Wie on their website 3 years ago and now... she can't even get a picture of herself on the scorecard.

I don't make predictions. I'll leave that to the rest of you. However, Ochoa has been amazing this year and she did T2 last year at Evian. Annika also is being needled by Tiger, so it might be a nice answer to his text msg after The Open. The thing about the scoreboard at most LPGA events, is there usually isn't the dramatic movement after each round as there is on the PGA tour.

2006-07-27 @ 04:09
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
"Comment from: Alex [Visitor] · http://Alex
One-Putt, Do you realize that you've accused two of your fellow Wie Warriors of being stuck on stupid? Jenny and Jim COULTHARD have flatly predicted that Bubbles will win at Evian. Such treachery will not be treated lightly by the Wie hive. You have some tall explaining to do."

I respect the consistent level of play that Michelle brings to each LPGA event she enters. My expectations might be lower than you Alex and the Wie supporters as I just like to see her play well and watch her game grow. Someday we will all get quite bored watching Michelle win, so I will enjoy the journey at the beginning of her career and it is quite a show so far.

Considering Michelle is two years away from having her 2008 LPGA Rookie season (if she chooses to join the tour), I can imagine it will be the same historic Rookie start as her professional career has turned out so far.

Winning would just be an unexpected bonus to a wonderful display of golfing excellence from a SIXTEEN year old girl. Yes Alex she is only SIXTEEN believe it or not.

Did you notice Alex that Michelle had no problem coping with the heat when she could dress properly for the event. In fact her score was six stokes better than her first round last year at the Evian. I guess her experience at the John Deere is messing with her mind, she is falling apart.
2006-07-27 @ 06:15
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
Forget about the LPGA website and go here for realtime scoring with a picture of Michelle on her scorecard:

2006-07-27 @ 06:31
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
One-Putt, Oh goody! Another picture of Bubbles! Just what we all need! And she's only SIXTEEN! It's also nice to know that the folks at the Evian Masters are not in collusion with the LPGA to downplay Bubbles' accomplishments.
2006-07-27 @ 07:26
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M, I guess that you're not the same Jenny who flatly stated that Bubbles would win the Evian.
2006-07-27 @ 07:31
Comment from: Mitch [Visitor]
It's nice to have discussions about Michelle Wie. But why criticising her ?
We all know that she will eventually win. This week, next month or next year but she will.
By the way, how was your game at 17, ... ?

After a first victory she will be relief, pressured off and she will add some more.
Many talented athletes went through similar conditions.

For my part when i watch golf, i wish they all play at their best and show us great golf shots.
I have my favorite players too but i don't care who wins. I wish them all good luck.
We all know how tough is the game. And it's nice to see different players winning.
For Michell Wie, her time will come.

But for all the crystal ball owners, (no offence), why don't you make money out of your predictions and bid ?

2006-07-27 @ 10:59
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M, One-Putt, and Jim COULTHARD, It should make you feel better to know that on the LPGA home page, they have Bubbles' name listed FIRST of those tied for the lead at the Evian. In addition, Michelle's picture is the ONLY one of the three displayed. Should Karrie's and Lorena's fans be up in arms? Oh, I forgot, they are more than SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. Since Bubbles is tied for the lead at the halfway point, and therefore in the final threesome with two hot golfers on the LPGA tour, this will be the acid test to see if Michelle can close the deal. Neither of the other two can have any excuses, and neither can Michelle. Of course, there are several others still in contention. If Bubbles does get her first "W", I'll be the first to congratulate her. I'd really love to see her do it. The stark, raving insanity on these blogs would be priceless. On the other hand , the stark, raving insanity with regards to Bubbles will go on even if she doesn't win.
2006-07-27 @ 12:12
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Alex... yes... different person. I suspect some other people will realize they need reading glasses too. There's a trick though, just don't sit so close to the monitor... :-D

I don't really need to see another picture of Michelle Wie, I just thought the irony was interesting. You know, some people actually used to follow the LPGA before Wie. She hasn't been getting LPGA tournament exemptions that long. You know, she is only 16.

As for the Wie fans turning on each other... that's nothing compared to the haters. Chris Baldwin is always making interesting jabs at Tim McDonald. Got to love it. If Wie wins, I think some people will have to seek the therapy they think Wie needs.
2006-07-27 @ 12:48
Comment from: maui john [Visitor]
gosh, it's a shame bubbles putts so lousy and missed her birdie at the 14th today, she had to settle for a measly 66. I see that Brittany is once again amazingly consistent, 2 consecutive 78's. Oops, I forgot, isn't it better to have a lower score in golf?
2006-07-27 @ 13:31
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M, If you're interested, the golf channel also has a picture of Bubbles on their site. Poor Bubbles! The media just don't want to give her any publicity. Of course ,when she DQ'ed last year, when she missed all those PGA cuts, when she got her lunch handed to her at last year's Publinx, when Brittany Lincicome thrashed her in match play, and when she withdrew at the John Deere, there were reams written about how close she came accompanied by hundreds of pictures, Maybe the media only pay attention to her is when her game isn't there.
2006-07-27 @ 13:35
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Alex, what you say supports my theory about the LPGA. I don't think they feel it's in their best interest right now for Michelle Wie to win or for her to get a LPGA tour exemption. As long as she's not on the LPGA and continuing to get PGA sponsor exemptions, she's going to continue to get media attention. The LPGA gets to bask in the afterglow without putting out and the critics of Wie are so blind with hate, they don't even notice.
2006-07-27 @ 14:27
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
There you go again Alex confusing Match Play with Stroke Play. This weeks LPGA event is stroke play and all season long Brittany and Morgan have finished well behind THE SIXTEEN YEAR OLD KID in those stroke play events they have played in together. In fact Alex they are residing well down the leaderboard from a SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD KID named Amy.

What is this world coming to when a couple of Blonde and Blue Eyed American girls are beaten by little brown girls.

Who knows Alex? Maybe Britanny can put together a couple of 59s and get right back in this thing.

2006-07-27 @ 14:42
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
If Jenny needs some pics of Michelle she can go here for some great shots of her making great shots:

2006-07-27 @ 14:52
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
I thought we would have heard from Ronnie by now, Paula is moving up the leaderboard. Maybe he had his heart broken too many times this season?
2006-07-27 @ 15:01
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jennie M, I know you are a Wie Warrior, but when a person criticizes Bubbles, her Father, or her publicity machine, it does not mean that the person is "blind with hate." That is just ridiculous. Maybe that description could be used on those people heaping scorm on Brittany Lincicome and Morgan Pressel who are not even the subjects of this blog. One fanatical Wie-wee has even seen fit to inject some not-so-veiled racism into his post. I won't say his name, but his initials are One-Putt.
2006-07-27 @ 15:08
Comment from: Frasier [Visitor]
I never can understand the Michelle Wie bashing, really. I mean, is it to do with the hype? It must be, I mean, as a player, she's not won, but still, she's not done badly really.

It was similar with Tiger though when he had all the hype, even after he won the Masters by 12 strokes some of the press and golf fans were saying "he's not that good". It's a reaction to the hype more than anything.

I am not comparing the two yet, by the way. Wie obviously has not won at all, so Tiger had done more, and was still criticised, or people said he "was just another guy".

I think Wie is in a good position to win. Will she? I would not say either way really.
2006-07-27 @ 16:34
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Alex, I think that when people think that Wie, her father, and the William Morris Agency are the only players in this game, they are pretty naive, ignorant or irrational.

I would hardly call myself a Wie Warrior. I would just like a more balanced view on Wie with respect to what the reality is, rather than some people who don't even know what goes on in the LPGA to say that Wie should play only there. I think there's a loss of perspective when Michelle Wie's camp is the one always bearing the brunt of criticism.

If people aren't happy w/ the sponsor's exemptions, maybe they should be directing that towards the PGA and the sponsors. If people think that Wie should only be playing on the LPGA, maybe they should direct some criticism towards the LPGA and their outdated rules. If people want to criticize Wie's golf game, I see nothing wrong with doing so. But to criticize her for taking opportunities that are presented to her? I don't think many people in her position would not take these opportunities to play when she really is quite limited in the number of tournaments she can play. But really, no one else is in her position, so we can't say these things definitely.

People say ridiculous things here, like... oh Michelle Wie should go back to playing junior girls. Even Natalie Gulbis hasn't played junior girls since she was 12. They even think Michelle Wie will get cut from Evian, a tournament without a cut. They say she won't even finish in the top 10, when she's finished in the top 10 of every LPGA tournament she's played this year. I'd say something is clouding their rational thinking and it's probably hate.
2006-07-27 @ 17:00
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jennie M, It is simply not in the mentality of the vast majority of American people to "hate" anyone. All of the fans I know of the sport of golf are not capable of "hate.' So I think you're wrong when you assign hate to anyone on these blogs who happens to disagree with you. You are entitled to your opinion, but your statement that a person's opinion of Bubbles constitutes hate if it opposed to yours is a fallacy. Now One-Putt's remarks about the blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls and the little brown girl might qualify as inciting a bit of hate.
2006-07-27 @ 18:13
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Re: the original blog post,

"Of course Wie is considered Korean to people in Korea (and Koreans who live in America)"

By "Koreans who live in America", you don't happen to mean Americans of Korean ethnic descent, do you?
2006-07-27 @ 18:13
Comment from: HC2 [Visitor]
On this day that Floyd Landis was announced as flunking a dope test; I think we all can agree that at least golf is a more honest game and we can cheer for MW and the likes for their efforts.
2006-07-27 @ 18:47
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Comment from: maui john [Visitor]
gosh, it's a shame bubbles putts so lousy and missed her birdie at the 14th today, she had to settle for a measly 66. I see that Brittany is once again amazingly consistent, 2 consecutive 78's. Oops, I forgot, isn't it better to have a lower score in golf?


Well Brittany has something that Wie-Wee doesn't....A WIN ! ! !
2006-07-27 @ 19:45
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Alex, I would hardly say that the basis for my statements is that these people are just not agreeing with me. Afterall, most of them were posting on these blogs long before I started posting here. I'm just a newbie. However, before I started posting, all I would read are pretty hateful things written by grown men about a girl who is... yes, only 16 yo.

I'm not an American, so maybe I'm not familiar with *ahem* your culture, though I have resided here for the past year. However, I don't think you can definitely say that, "It is simply not in the mentality of the vast majority of American people to "hate" anyone."

It seems like such an odd statement to make when we're not talking about the vast majority of Americans. We're talking about Travel Golf Bloggers and the people who respond to their posts. I see so much vitriol in these blogs. It goes so much further than people just disagreeing with each other, but personal attack upon Wie and upon each other. You have even said that "If Bubbles does get her first "W", I'll be the first to congratulate her. I'd really love to see her do it. The stark, raving insanity on these blogs would be priceless." Yes, indeed.

I think the original post set the tone for racism. It's great how the quality of post by the Travel Golf Bloggers doesn't matter, if it says Wie in the title we just take it and run.
2006-07-28 @ 00:53
Comment from: dave [Visitor]
Wie wins E-wie-n has a nice ring to it in South Korea.

Maybe it is fate!!
2006-07-28 @ 01:41
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]

It's amazing how you're able to be so ignorant on so many different levels. Yet your racist comments support my views that there is indeed hatred on these blogs.

BTW, E-wie-n is not how Evian is pronounced in Korean. It's closer to Eh-Be-Ahn.

To those who think that Koreans consider Michelle Wie as Korean:

If you read any Korean newspaper, they pointedly refer to Michelle Wie as a Korean-American. They consider Christina Kim, a Korean-American.

As far as the Evian tournament goes, it barely registers on the radar of the Korean sports pages and when it does, they are almost exclusively talking/featuring/have a picture of Mi-Hyun Kim.

Recently there was an article re: the LPGA's attitude towards Korean golfers in the Dong-a Ilbo(a Korean newspaper). They tallied the winnings of Korean golfers on the LPGA. The article noted that when they were refering to the winnings of Korean golfers, they were not including Christian Kim and Michelle Wie who are Korean-Americans.


Koreans generally don't regard Korean-Americans as Koreans. Of course, in Korea there's a certain amount of fascination towards anyone of Korean ancestry who is famous or successful, for example Hinds Ward(who was born in Korea and his mother is Korean) when he visited Korea. However, they consider someone who is born or even raised primarily outside of Korea different than a Korean national who is both born and raised in Korea.

Anyway, Korea has plenty of golfers who win on the LPGA, why would they need to bogart Michelle Wie?
2006-07-28 @ 03:14
Comment from: hc2 [Visitor]
Koreans are fascinated with anything that is American. That perception also applies to most of the countries in this planet including many Europeans. When I was in Italy, an architect complained to me that being a woman, and of humble beginnings, she could not advance too much despite her talents; she then pointed out to me that if she were in America she would have been much more successfull careerwise.

MW is actually growing up like a typical American girl, which is why America loves her. MW's parents are Koreans, but they can only teach her so much. The only way for her to become a Korean is to move permanently there, which I doubt would happen. I eat Korean, Mexican food, etc. and that doesn't make me a Korean nor Mexican. I may dress like one, learn Spanish, or Korean but I will always be an American who happens to like Mexican food, and speaks Korean. So, MW is American, folks like it or not.
2006-07-28 @ 03:56
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M, Welcome to the USA! Since you've only lived n this country for one year, you probably still haven't gotten around to seeing the better parts of this great country. If you're residing on either coast or in one of the seats of academia like Ann Arbor, Austin, Boulder, or Madison, you really haven't experienced the warmth and hospitality of the American people, you just don't know the *ahem*culture of the good folks in the Midwest or South. You really should try to meet these excellent people. You'll find that the word "hate" is not in their vocabulary.
2006-07-28 @ 08:29
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Hmmm the south... isn't that where the good ol' boys with bed sheets and hoods are from? Ann Arbor and Madison... aren't they part of the Midwest? Austin... isn't that considered part of the South?
2006-07-28 @ 08:38
Comment from: toto [Visitor]
Jenney M:

Not knowing where you are from, i.e., your "ahem" culture, I'm not sure I can give you a comparison that would make sense, however, KKK was (and still is to some degree) spread throughout the good ole US of A, having once numbered millions of people in their membership, not unlike the nazis, I'm sure.

And, to some of us in the mid-west, Ann Arbor is considered a foreign country, not to mention Wisconsin. :-) - just kidding folks, don't anyone get on the high horse!!

i have to, very reluctantly, agree with Alex on this one -- in the mid-west, particularly (and probably in the south - the one true place in america that still has manners!) - the majority of folks are people you would want as a next door neighbor...

remember, the media reports on the negative things in life - that's what sells..


PS - welcome to america
2006-07-28 @ 09:28
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jennie M, I'll excuse your lack of knowledge as the basis for your stereotyping. Austin is in Texas. Most real Southerners don't consider Texas as the South. Austin is the home of the U. of Texas and therefore is as radical liberal as any town in the US. The same can be said of Ann Arbor, Madison, Boulder, Champaign-Urbana, Raleigh-Durham, and just about any other place where pointy-headed acedemics hold sway. The South, Midwest, and the Plains states are conservative politically, but are far more tolerant and inclusive than the liberal bastions of the Northeast, West Coast, and large urban areas like metro Chicago and Detroit. The Ku Klux Klan, except for a small and insignificant group of neanderthals, is as dead as disco everywhere in the USA. Jen, you have to get away from those liberal big cities, quit reading that radical, liberal propaganda, and get to know the people whose work ethic and positive attitude make this nation the greatest on earth.
2006-07-28 @ 10:29
Comment from: Frasier [Visitor]
Not that this is too relevant to golf, but I think America has quite a lot of culture, or, at least, what I've seen of it, which isn't a great deal to be honest. (New York State, Florida, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Georgia and Vermont).
2006-07-28 @ 10:41
Comment from: Frasier [Visitor]
Oh, and I forgot California and Nevada.
2006-07-28 @ 10:43
Comment from: hc2 [Visitor]
I am from the west coast, and I will admit that folks from the south and midwest are generally well mannered and more upfront. No sugar coating, or fake smiles like here in the west. My firm relocated its IT and administrative dept to West Virginia, and I find folks there are both hard working, talented, and courteous. I've also visited Georgia, and despite some folks being shocked of what''s going on with the influx of illegal immigrants and the media hyping it, I didn't find anyone who mistreated me. All I saw were good folks being proud of their history; us confederates vs. them yankees. I don't see that as racism but more of a philosophical approach to life: business minded yanks from the north, vs community/family oriented southerners.
2006-07-28 @ 10:53
Comment from: Frasier [Visitor]
Wie's second and one stroke off the lead in the Evian Masters. K. Webb leads. Should be an exciting Sunday.
2006-07-28 @ 11:35
Comment from: maui john [Visitor]
you mean saturday!?
2006-07-28 @ 12:29
Comment from: Frasier [Visitor]
Oh yeah. Whoops.
2006-07-28 @ 13:01
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Nice aside and distraction, but many Americans do consider Texas as part of the south including Southerns. Of course some Southerns don't consider Florida to be part of the South. I'll go with the Mason-Dixon line approach to things, thanks.

As far as giving me a geography lessson. Gee, I appreciate it, being a foreign alien and everything. So basically you're saying any city that is considered Liberal, is not a place where you'll find the true warm-hearted Americans? That sounds a little rude, is it because you're not from the South? It's interesting how you're so quick to mention all these academic towns, why would you assume I live in one?

I can't believe someone brought up Nazis. Well since you did, the Nazi's didn't use the word hate either, but there you go.

Now really, Alex, you've gone from saying that Americans would never hate to saying the people of the mid-west and south would not hate. It's pretty irrelevant, unless all the people who post comments on Travel Golf are from the "true" areas of the mid-west and south.

Blah blah blah. I'm sure there are nice people everywhere in the USA. Lets get back to golf instead of it making it some patriotic dogma lesson.

The original poster of this blog hasn't addressed any of my questions to what they meant by "Koreans who live in America." or why they think Koreans would take ownership of Michelle Wie. In fact, who is the original poster of this blog? Is it Stacy who has this blog as her Site/Url? Oh yeah, lets not get into Site/Urls... it can be confusing for some.

2006-07-28 @ 15:37
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
I hear that Michelle Wie's father, B.J., is not caddying for her anymore. Michelle laughingly stated that he's too old to carry that heavy bag anymore. I think it's a great idea to get Michelle's dad out of her immediate presence.

What is everyone's take on this?
2006-07-28 @ 15:56
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M, You haven't been hitting the sauce, have you? Your post seems a trifle confused and garbled. Your others made much more sense.
2006-07-28 @ 22:04
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Alex, no... I'm not confused at all. I think you're confusing golf and politics. I don't really care if someone here is a liberal or a conservative. This is a golf blog. Maybe you don't read all the posts here, but did you not catch the one about Nazis? Whenever people start bringing Nazi's into a conversation, you know it's ridiculous. Just like when you start going on about when the warmest fuzziest least hateful Americans are.
2006-07-29 @ 00:48
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
My take is, you don't really know what you're talking about. BJ Wie hasn't been caddying for Michelle Wie for quite some time, so it's not like this is really news even though someone asked her a lame interview question.

The reason why BJ Wie is not her caddy is because he is not skilled enough to be a professional caddy. Caddies are not just guys who carry your bags around the golf course, because the USGA tells you you can't have a cart. Caddies, especially in the LPGA, are HEAVILY relied upon to read the greens. Greg Johnston has been a caddy for 20 years.

Michelle Wie, at John Deere, said, "I mean, obviously people are going to have expectations. I can't please everyone. I'm just out here for myself, and my parents still love me even though I don't win tournaments (laughter). It's great."

Now that's hardly a sign of a girl who has overbearing parents. It's apparent that she is very close to her parents and I don't see how that's a bad thing. Many golf parents have made significant sacrifices for their children, it doesn't mean they are evil or bad or put too much pressure on their children. Children have pressure, no matter what, it's just nice when they have supportive parents to help them.

I don't think you actually know BJ Wie enough to make comments on his character or his relationship with his daughter, so don't. And yeah, you have made comments on BJ Wie on other blogs, something about wondering if other South Korean golf parents are just as pushy. Why don't you ever back up your "questions" with any substantial evidence? If you think he's pushy, give us some examples of it, instead of veiling everything in the form of a question. It's not Jeopardy.
2006-07-29 @ 01:31
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M, The last sentence of your post, where you made reference to "the LEAST hateful Americans", was telling. When you speak of American *ahem* culture and Americans that are not as hateful as the rest, I get the feeling that you don't think much of Yanks in general. And when I say Yanks, I don't mean those of us living north of the Mason-Dixon line or the Ohio River. The message you're sending is that you believe a majority of Americans, Us citizens, are a gang of uncultured, racist clods. I hope I am mistaken, but that's the way you come across. I didn't throw Nazis or the good,old boys with hoods and white sheets into this golf blog.
2006-07-29 @ 08:30
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Yes - History repeats itself ! ! !
2006-07-29 @ 15:19
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jennie M, I 'll say this for you, as an admitted newbie, you do have your share of nerve. You throw out the condescending "blah, blah, blah" when referring to other posters. Jen, baby, you're an alien, possibly an illegal alien, you don't know a single thing about American traditions or culture, you have posted some of the wordiest, most rambling, incoherent posts imaginable, and you have the gall to denigrate the words of people who are head and shoulders over you in brains and writing ability. Jennie M, you've got more nerve than the guy that ate the first oyster.
2006-07-29 @ 16:00
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Judge Smails, I've forwarded Jennie M's name and some of her posts to the Alan Cup committee. She should be a contender in the novice division.
2006-07-29 @ 16:04
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]

I have many friends who are Korean women who live in America. They are NOT Korean Americans because they are not yet citizens and perhaps may be struggling with a green card (I don't ask...that's impolite) but I'm not gonna tell you who they are.

These people only know of Michelle Wie as "Korean" no matter how many times I tell them that she is a red-blooded American.

I think it's great that they associate Michelle Wie with their native country. It gives them a connection to their home (which they probably miss terribly as some of them have not visited for years) that they probably would not have otherwise.

Also, pushiness towards children is not necessarily a bad thing. It can give a child the motivation that he/she would normally not have. Asian families have children who are terrific in school too. The Bronx High School of Science (my alma mater) is one example where the Asian kids almost outnumber the other kids. Their family philosophies are all about studying hard to achieve goals, whether in science, math or even golf.

Now stop putting me down.
2006-07-29 @ 16:24
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Stacy, You got that right! When Michelle Wie was attepting to qualify for the US Open, the crowd at Canoe Brook, NJ almost seemed to be majority Korean. Her attempt was widely publicized in the Korean community of Palisades Park, New Jersey. Even some people of Korean extraction and native-born Korean-Americans refer to Bubbles as being Korean. Nothing wrong with it, just the way it is. And as you say, Stacy, the kids of just about any Oriental and/or Asian heritage are superstars in academics. In the Chicagoland area, they are absolutely the best.
2006-07-29 @ 18:41
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Alex, Actually you seem bipolar today. You just said that all the nice people live in the Midwest and South, and disparaged a bunch of other American cities... yet now you say I'm the one who's disparaging those north of the Mason Dixon?

BTW, just because someone isn't an American citizen, does not mean they are an illegal alien. If I were an illegal alien, I'd be working hard... not writing on these blogs.

2006-07-30 @ 04:29
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
BTW Alex... I was just, light heartedly, assisting you with your issues re: http://Alex. I guess you didn't figure it out. I don't know how I can make it more clear to you. Just stop putting in "Alex" after Site/Url:. Wiesy uses the phrase "blah blah blah". I'm surprised you're so offended by it.
2006-07-30 @ 04:34
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]

As someone who has such a grasp of the English language, as you claim, you would also know the subtleties of a phrase like "Of course Wie is considered Korean to people in Korea (and Koreans who live in America)".

By "people in Korea" did you not mean Koreans?

There are other people in Korea who aren't Koreans. In fact, there are Americans who live in Korea, do they consider Michelle Wie a Korean? Do you even know?

Do you understand why I might take exception with "Koreans who live in America". Of course you do, because now you're giving me this whole, "I have many friends who are Korean women who live in America."

I didn't ask you who they were, nor do I care if you have these friends. If that's what you really meant, why would you say it that way? Koreans in Korea and Koreans in America are both Korean Nationals. Why would their views be necessarily different? Now Korea National vs. Korean-Americans... there's an actual difference there.

You knowing Korean women who may or may not be illegal aliens in America, doesn't change the ambiguity of what you initially wrote and the veiled stereotyping, particularly to Koreans, I've seen in your posts. Of course, you are usually just paraphrasing LPGA.com so your attitudes towards Koreans would also fall in line w/ theirs.

I don't really care how many Korean American kids you went to high school with. I don't even care where you went to high school(Oh you couldn't get into Stuyvesant ?) or where you went to college(Oh you couldn't get into Columbia?) I don't care if you play golf(doesn't everyone?) or your handicap(you play with one?). These things are not relevant to stating clearly your opinions on the game of golf and why you have these opinions. When I read both your blog and your posts on other blogs, you usually just make statements(usually in the form of a question) without any reasons.

We don't have to agree, that would be no fun. Even Alex gives me reasons for what he says, though I almost never agree with him.

And as for putting you down, I don't even know *you* as a person. I only know what you write on these blogs. I'm not going to just stop disagreeing with you and making fun of you for what you say, because you tell me... you've got to convince me. You asked for people's takes. I gave you mine. Ask Chris Baldwin, Tim McDonald, or your favorite William Wolfram... It's how blogs work.
2006-07-30 @ 05:26
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Verbal articulation by Jennie M: Alex, you're bipolar,...blah, blah, blah..., Stacy, I don't care how many Koreans you know,...blah, blah, blah... I'll put anthing I want on these blogs, and nobody can stop me,..blah, blah,blah... Jen, admit it, you're no more of an alien in this country than I am. Your poor spelling, grammar, and usage expose you as a below-average student at a below-average American school. But you should have learned more than you have, even if by accident. Jen, you should have gone to school a little longer and a lot more often. Maybe you can return for your GED. Better late than never.
2006-07-30 @ 08:42
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
Jenney...you sound really ridiculous and the legacy you leave on these blogs will prove it forever.

Stuyvesant and Bx Science are equally good schools. But you probably never attended either of them. Where did you go to school? Oh, you won't say.

What is your handicap? Oh, you won't say.

And, if you don't care about anything I have to say, why continue to post blogs here? Hmmm?
2006-07-30 @ 10:47
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Stacy, I don't know much about such things, but maybe Jennie M has a prolonged case of PMS. I'd be willing to bet that her educational credentials are minimal at best. If she had any, she would have revealed them. If she was a citizen of another country, she would have said which it was. It is probably a "female" thing, but I can't understand why she is on your case to such an extent. I often disagree with you and you with me, but we don't take it to such extremes. Perhaps there is something to the saying "Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned." Or maybe there is something in the water where Jennie M lives.
2006-07-30 @ 11:12
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Stacy, I didn't say I didn't care about anything you have to say. I care enough to have issue with it and continue to make fun of you for saying these things without making a case for it. Maybe Alex, "the lawyer", can help you out with that.
2006-07-30 @ 15:16
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M , In case you don't realize it, I've called your bluff. You're not a foreigner to this country, just an uneducated US citizen. You have no educational credentials. If I am wrong, prove it.
2006-07-30 @ 23:05
Comment from: dave [Visitor]
I disown Jenny M, don’t even consider her for my cup.
I know exactly where you are coming from and enjoy winding you up.
Jenny M is another matter altogether. She doesn’t seem to have a point and uses a lot of words doing it.
By the way, your latest belittling exercise was pretty good, Quite entertaining really. I suppose you have had plenty of practice.
Maybe, only people with degrees should be allowed on this site. Each person should have to submit a copy of their degree with a signed affidavit.

Alan M
2006-07-31 @ 04:13
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
dave, Excellent idea.
2006-07-31 @ 07:10
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Alex, what you and Stacy don't get is that bringing in "credentials" counts for very little on a blog, internet forum, etc. It's kind of a great meritocracy. People judge you based on what you say and how you say, nothing more.
2006-07-31 @ 14:43
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M ,I'm glad thet you have admitted that you have no academic credentials, I was obvious.
2006-07-31 @ 18:17
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jenney M , I get it now. I'm sorry. I was wrong. Will you ever forgive me?
2006-07-31 @ 19:38
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]

Uh... Alex? I think already told you to get yourself to a hospital. Do you have heat stroke?

I'll just pretend your previous weirdness did not happen.

I already told you as much as I'm going to tell you. I could tell you what my academic credentials are, but that would mean that those things actually matter here on a web forum.

Since you're a lawyer, you know if I'm legally living here in your country, it's rather unlikely that I'm uneducated. Is that why you want me to be an American?

It's kinda sad how you've demonstrated so much prejudice towards the working class. Do you think that someone who didn't go to college has less legitimacy when talking about golf than someone who has a PhD from an Ivy? I know quite a few academics who can't tell me the first thing about golf. Yet, I'm pretty sure you don't need a college degree to be a caddy for a top pro or to be a professional golfer.
2006-08-01 @ 03:18
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Jennie M, Right you are. Of which country are you a native and/or citizen? I can't see how that would cause you any harm. Of course, you may be a secret agent of a foreign power. Forget that last question.
2006-08-01 @ 07:43
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor]
I checked the Korean Times and there were two pictures from the Evian, and one was a picture of Michelle Wie of the United States.

This seemed a bit much. Only two pictures and the one of Michelle Wie--but no mention of any Korean connection.

My guess. The Koreans are being careful not to make any claims that Michelle Wie is Korean in their English language press. To get the true view, we would need to read the Korean language press.
2006-08-01 @ 22:00
Comment from: Jenney M. [Visitor]
Jim C

Why would the Koreans feel any need to be careful with the English language press? The previous Dong-A-Ilbo article that I sited was orginally written in Korean and only translated into English aferwards.
2006-08-02 @ 19:04

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