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Comment from: putt4par [Visitor]
"I think it's because the LPGA was shopping for a better deal."

Bivens has gone out of her way to alienate the press and tournament organizers

"Do bigger dollars necessarily make for a better tour?"

Not if you have organizers that don't trust your word as an organization. I can't really see the LPGA wanting that kind of a reputation for double dealing.

Bivens may be a hotshot broker/dealer in the magazine industry but she is really looking underhanded and sly in her dealings as the Commish of the LPGA.

I would want a team of the best lawyers to go over any contract she offered if it was my organization that was dealing with her.

Nope, I see no reason to trust her
2006-07-21 @ 20:42
Comment from: Don Lipton [Visitor]
Learn the difference between "its" and "it's"."It's" is a contraction for "it is." When writing about the LPGA's players it should be "its players."
2006-07-22 @ 12:37
Comment from: BobBobson [Visitor]
Don, seriously, take a step back and think.

Would you rather be the guy that occasionally misses an apostrople or would you rather be the annoying, unlikable tight-ass that corrects Internet grammar???

Pull the stick out.
2006-07-23 @ 11:56
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
Thank you Bob. Errors do happen, even though I read my articles over several times before I post them.

I hope that readers will appreciate and discuss the content provided putting aside the occasional grammatical mistakes. :-)
2006-07-23 @ 13:59
Comment from: ronmon [Visitor]
Bob wishes he could be the grammar guy...probably mad he didn't get there first.

Bivens has to do what she has to do. Ask the folks in Endicott, NY and other small-market venues how they feel about Tim Finchem. Don't see anyone writing about him and his tough-guy tactics. Good for Bivens, playing hard ball. She has a product to shape and sell, and if she ignores some bloggers or pisses off some tournament hosts along the way, be glad she considered you a worthy enough bump in the road to take notice.

What will it be, folks, madonna or whore? Notice that men in business have many more options than that. Time to give a female CEO the same choices.
2006-07-23 @ 17:48
Comment from: Stone Barrington [Visitor]
think what you like but: 1. C. Bivens is rapidly destroying a lot of the good work that T. Votaw accomplished. 2. C. Bivens will not survive through the end of '07. take a few minutes to read the Vanity Fair article from last year about Morgan Stanley/Phil Purcell... ...perfect case study of what's going on at the LPGA. the sooner they get rid of Bivens, the better. SB PS...to think that the LPGA Tour would have even a modicum of the negotiating leverage as the PGA Tour is just a pipe-dream.
2006-08-09 @ 14:53

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