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Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor]
..."As an aside, take notice of Sorenstam's "Lexus" logo adorning her shirt. She is now the ambassador for Lexus, removing the Mercedes emblem from her attire. Annika has selected a Lexus GX Utility vehicle for her own personal use."...

It makes you wonder why Mercedes let Annika get away?

Is it possible Mercedes is looking to a younger sponsor for the future?

They may join in with the Nike, Sony and Omega Suits in an effort to add youth to their advertising portfolio.

All the little "Rich Girls" would want to drive around in a Mercedes, wearing a sparkly diamond Omega Watch, all while dressed in their Nike attire and talking to their friends on a Sony Phone.

The SL-600 would look quite nice cruising around Hawaii. I wonder if Punahou has student parking? :-)

2006-03-18 @ 14:15
Comment from: Stacy Solomon [Visitor]
It's funny that not one of Tiger Woods' advertisers care that he just turned thirty. He is the number-one golfer on the PGA Tour. Annika is just a few years older (35) but in female years it's like a death knell.

The younger golfers are where the $$$ are...but I don't think Mercedes dropped Annika.
2006-03-18 @ 16:28
Comment from: NothingMan [Visitor]
Off topic question. When'd you get on travelgolf? or worldgolf, whatever. Aren't you from Golf-For-Beginners? I have a bunch of your podcasts on my mp3 player that I listened to on the plane... Didn't know you wrote here too.
2006-03-20 @ 14:52
Comment from: NothingMan [Visitor]
Ya know, I don't even deserve a response on that one. I took it upon myself to actually READ ;-)
2006-03-20 @ 17:35
Comment from: Stacy Solomon [Member]
Yes, I am the creator of the Golf for Beginners show.

This is our debut on the World Golf Network. Barry and I co-host the podcast each week and my blog has also been recruited to the network.

Thanks for noticing!
2006-03-20 @ 17:55

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