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Comment from: patrick [Visitor]
They have one thing common.

Alice plays golf every day, like Annika, and the same number of hours as Annika does. Perhaps more.
He has not any time for music now.
Yes, it is possible.
Annika must learn the SCREAM'IN way, and stroke play pythons.
She has no time for music ever.
But show goes on, and it just the aptizer...
the best is to come !

Sean Connery and Michelle !

2006-03-15 @ 15:19
Comment from: Barry G. Solomon [Visitor]
Cooper says that he traded one bad habit "drinking" for another "golf". Hardly a similarity to Miss 59.

And although he has a four handicap he used to think that because he shot a 75 it was enough to allow him entrance into the finest golf courses wearing cutoffs. It shouldn't even be allowed on a public course.

He also doesn't like to walk. Come on, playing golf using a cart is like hiking using a scooter.

The only similarity is that they both have girl's names.
2006-03-16 @ 10:25
Comment from: RobertGordon [Visitor]
Hmmm.....comparing the "new" LPGA stars to the Pussycat Dolls, or Britney, or Beyonce. Slutty girls, coasting by on more body and less talent. My God, it actually works.

Although I will give the Sorenstam-Cooper pairing this. The thing they do have in common is that their best work was done under the influence of illegal substances.
2006-03-27 @ 14:02
Comment from: madman thomas christopher [Visitor] Email
are you nuts? new music, he had a new album out last year and i must tell you he's as electric in concert as he has ever been. the only reason people like you think he's living in the past is because all you know is what the media force feeds you and that's sad. so not only does he play golf frequently he also puts out more music. you need to check your sources before you run your mouth.
2007-09-01 @ 11:09

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