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Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]
I've been having similar problems.

I came across a great website, www.golf-school-australia.com . They offer 11 pages of photos and diagrams that they send to you. They are excellent, and it's well worth signing up for!

I've since learned that the coach that wrote them is the director of the Australian High Performance Golf Academy, and coached that young amateur Korean schoolgirl that won the Australian Ladies Masters Tournament beating a bunch of the world's top women professionals.

Amazing story, since she can hardly speak english, and her coach cannot speak Korean. He reckons he has a unique training method . His slogan is “lower scores in record time� I reckon he achieved it with that Korean schoolgirl! Worth checking out www.golf-school-australia.com
2006-02-09 @ 05:58
Comment from: NothingMan [Visitor]
Yeah, it is bizzare that you can hit the ball with a backward swing, but it did look pretty good. Looks powerful too.

Kudos on the podasts. It's always fun listening to you guys, and I'd much rather do that than read it :-)
2006-03-01 @ 10:18

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