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Gulbis and Amiee…Friends?

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Oh no! Could it be that Danielle Amiee, winner of Big Break III and most notably known for abusing Pam Crikelair on that show, is golfing buddies with Natalie Gulbis? C'mon, give me a break! On this Tuesday's episode it sure looked as if Gulbis was be… more »

Golf for Beginners Podcast 11-27-05

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Golf for beginners 11-27-05 episode six relates how Tiger Woods easily won at the sports spectacular Grand Slam of Golf against the grand talents of number-two rated Vijay Singh, the third best on the PGA tour Phil Mickelson and Michael Campbell who won… more »

Give Michelle Wie a Break!

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She's only sixteen! Being a relatively new golfer I can identify with Michelle Wie's recent bid to try and make the cut at the Casio Open in Japan this weekend. You've got to give her credit…she keeps on trying. After six attempts in men's events… more »

Golf for Beginners Podcast 11-20-05

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Folks, this is the one podcast of ours which you need to download! First of all, it's our longest (not that a longer podcast is a sign of a great one). However golf for beginners 11-20-05 episode five is jam-packed with information from the latest vic… more »

Sorenstam Takes ADT, Woods Wins Dunlop in Japan

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So, what else is new? The two super-golfers are tops again! It doesn't really surprise me that either of the two money-list headliners took accolades at their respective tournaments. Tiger Woods rallied against Japanese sensation Kaname Yokoo in a play… more »

Great Golf Tournaments This Weekend

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Whether you're a golf beginner or just a fanatic (I am both) you will appreciate both the amount and type of golf that is being played this weekend. In LPGA news, Annika Sorenstam will be defending her trophy at the ADT Championship being played at th… more »

Golf for Beginners Podcast 11-13-05

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We are really happy with our latest Golf for Beginners Audio Show, Episode 4, 11-13-05. You can also subscribe to our podcast if you are an iTunes user. Just click on Podcasts, then Sports, and you'll find us near the top of the list. This week's… more »

Tiger gets Trounced

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The opening of the 2006 European Tour season wasn't the kind of beginning that Tiger Woods expected. Sheshan International Golf Club in Shanghai was supposed to be Tiger Woods' first win in China. Instead the number-one golfer on the PGA Tour suffered a… more »

Where Do You Put Your Ball Marker?

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What kind of ball marker do you use? I personally like my gold Sackegeweya dollar but I will also use one of those new, shiny quarters floating around. There are so many people who swear by a coin which they found on the floor that eventually won them a… more »

Golf for Beginners Podcast 11-06-05

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Check out golfforbeginners11-06-05-1 rel="enclosure">our latest Golf for Beginners podcast from November 6th. We talk about the terrific Annika Sorenstam and give some great golf tips! Email us with your questions and comments at golfforbeginners@aol.… more »

Golf for Beginners Podcast 10-30-05

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Check out our second golf for beginners podcast from October 30th. Our audio syndication this week talks about consistency and staying even-tempered. more »

Golf for Beginners Podcast 10-25-05

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Venturing into the unknown both Barry and I hope to deliver a podcast with a punch. Although podcasting isn't as difficult as I thought there are still alot of small pieces that fit into the puzzle. I have become not only a writer but also a producer.… more »

Back to Blogging About Golf

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I know it has been quite some time since I have written a golf blog at this site. Somehow I thought that I could accomplish more if I had my own web address. I have owned the name Golf for Beginners with the hopes of somehow turning it into some magnific… more »

Another Golf Blog Another Day of Golf History

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I never thought that Barry and I would have so much fun producing podcasts. Not only do I get to spend more time with my husband but we get to talk about one of our common favorite subjects! We also decided that it was easier for our readers to contact… more »
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