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Big Break III - Felicia, say hello to Tasha!

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I had a feeling that Felicia would be the next golfer off the show. She talked a good talk, but that's not all there is. She couldn't come through under pressure. Hey, Felicia, I'll golf with you anytime! And, cheers to Westchester Pam! Nice EAGLE! The f… more »

Lefty Golfer At Myrtle Beach

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DSCN0472.JPG Originally uploaded by golf-for-beginners. You know, I write for many sites that I don't know which one to finally choose to download this pic that I found on my computer! It works out the same because your thoughts get out there, into the… more »

Visualization for Golf Beginners

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By - my first posting, hope you like it! Golf beginners who are truly interested in the sport eat, drink and sleep golf. I must be a golf beginner because I can't wait until Thursday. What's so important about Thursday, y… more »