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Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
Welcome to WorldGolf.com, Gary!
(Been meaning to say "Hi" for a while, now...)
03/05/07 @ 10:47
Comment from: Ed Mitchell [Visitor] Email
Hi Gary,
Congratulations on your new blog. Good for you. I will look forward to your articles.
03/05/07 @ 11:56
Comment from: patricia [Visitor] Email
Yes congratulations on your new blog.

On the subject of carts, While I much prefer to walk, I must say carts were a great option when I was a beginner (way back in April of last year) and losing balls all the time...in far flung areas. Kept me moving as fast as the walkers. Also the cart allowed me to escape quickly from those who witnessed me hitting a particularly pathetic shot. For a beginner a cart is a little like a security blanket and enables one to more comfortably get onto the course - sooner rather than later - and actually play. That said I'd rarely opt for a cart now.
03/05/07 @ 17:11
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Right On... I have a bumper sticker on my golf bag that reads: "Play like a Pro...WALK"
03/05/07 @ 21:13
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Hi Gary!

Barry and I are dedicated course walkers. We enjoy the experience much more than riding in a cart. We also get in a good leg stretch along the way.

I must admit that I take along a "trolley", usually a push cart so, in a sense, I have become lazy but I don't like to put the bag on my back then remove and repeat all through the round.

The season officially starts soon here in N.Y. and I can't wait for the weather to be condusive for a good stroll with my glistening golf clubs and huge Burton bag! Maybe I can get into single digit handicap this year! ;-)
03/06/07 @ 15:20
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]

You're right, of course.

What is your opinion of thas LPGA allowing the use of carts in this week's Master Card event?

I know they will say that Bosque Real is very hilly, but so is Oakmont and a thousand other courses.

It sort of makes the women look like weaklings, a tag that they most certainly want to shed
03/10/07 @ 09:46
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Amen Alex! The ladies looked a bit amateurish and as if they were appearing in an off-season event.

Change the course if it's too hilly!
03/24/07 @ 10:28
Comment from: Kevin Kaye [Visitor] Email
Walking is what makes golf a sport. It brings in an element of endurance to be able to make the ~5mile walk and still play a game that demands extreme precision. That also answers the question "Is golf a sport?" it is when you walk!
12/17/09 @ 17:29

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