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Comment from: Al Delgado [Visitor] Email
Golfers have been practicing to over come swing frustrations and problems created by short clubs. As a result the golf swing is an unnatural execution that causes the body to twist, turn and lunge forward unnaturally during the swing. No one have been able to control or perfect the timing of this in unnatural swing execution and motion. All golfers are athletes in their own natural way, they gave this up once they started playing golf with short clubs.
As long as there are short clubs in your bag you will comtinue to bend over and play with uncertainty and frustration.
Every golfer out there only practices and plays with these faults.
The difference in length from a pitching wedge to a three iron is approx 10 inches.
When you play different length clubs, your body costantly changes angles and height to accomodate length of club. Club lengths control swing height and angles, creating resistence and constant vertical and horizontal montion when you swing. Lengthen your clubs, remain at your natural height and you will over come frustration and reach your goals. This is not magic, its logic and the future in golf.
10/14/09 @ 21:22

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