Between baby boomers and junior programs , relief's in sight for the golf industry

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The golf business measured by numbers of players, rounds played, and equipment sold could be generously described as flat. Why the slowdown in the game's growth and where is it headed? First of all, the good news... "Baby Boomers" and junior golf pro… more »

Love it or hate it, golf remains the greatest game ever played

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Isn't golf a captivating enigma? It is a puzzle, a seductive siren, a fickle mistress. One has golfing moments when the spirit is riding on Mt. Everest, only to be followed by moments in the depths of Death Valley. There are fleeting spells when it seems… more »

Explaining golf's fickle nature (and wisdom from past Masters winner Larry Mize)

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Why is golf such a fickle mistress? I mean, how in the world can you be so good one day and so bad the next? Where does it go? How does seeming competency at one moment turn into "I don't have a clue" in the next? Remember the time you were on the practi… more »

If they're lengthening courses like St. Andrews, Augusta and Winged Foot, golf's on the wrong track

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Do golf's governing bodies really know where the game appears to be going? Is it stumbling in the same direction that tennis did some twenty-thirty years ago when it fell off the earth in popularity? I hope not, but if it is, the reasons are different. T… more »

Hoof it! Don't let golf cars spoil our game

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Golf started out as a walking game...for that matter, it still is in most of the world outside of this country. If you haven't experienced golf beyond the continental limits of the USA you may not fathom the reality that exists elsewhere...that is, pulli… more »

You're no Tiger Woods - so set realistic goals for your golf game

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As a teacher of golf I have a pretty good understanding of what it takes to become a good good, I mean with a five to six handicap or better. But only a very few golfers seem to get it, that is, to honestly understand the amount of effort it… more »

Have a golf partner who's a yakker? Here's a tip for putting the lid on it

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There are few things I don't like when playing a round of golf. Obviously I am not fond of the "ugly threes"..., those three putts and triple bogeys. But beyond them, even when the score is not great, I truly enjoy simply being on the links...except when… more »