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Comment from: ronmon [Visitor]
Laura Baugh didn't get a whole lot right in her personal or professional lives, and is lucky to be alive. She certainly rushed things, and knows from whence she speaks. Other than that, Dot Wong is her usual, controversial self again. When will it end? What do you mean "and would feature..." Is there a condition that precludes it, like economics, societal unrest, etc.?
08/07/06 @ 23:54
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor]
Dot Wong should have titled her piece--WINLESS LAURA BAUGH LECTURES WIE ON WINNING. There would have been plenty of responses.

It would have been one thing if Laura Baugh would have cautioned Wie not to go down the road she went down. But it sounded like Laura was saying that she followed the right path by learning to win in junior golf which gave her the confidence to believe that she could win everything in the pros. I don't know many details of Laura Baugh's life--but it sounds to me like she could have done a lot better in the pros if she had had a more realistic atititude. If she rushed things it was not a matter of turning pro too soon--after all, she did become Rookie of the Year. But she needed to be patient, and willing to see small beginnings as success. She bragged that she never went into a tournament just trying to make the cut. She might have been better off if she had.
08/08/06 @ 01:45

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