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Comment from: JR [Visitor]
My congratulations to the champion.... she played a solid round today when most folks were backing up....
08/06/06 @ 16:21
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
Excerpts from final round press conference:

Q: Michelle, what do you take from this?
MICHELLE WIE: Well, I think strangely enough that I learned more here this week then I did all summer. I played great all summer and played good in this tournament, just a couple of holes and a couple of shots did not go the way I wanted them to. But today, yesterday and the day before, I learned so much.

Q: What did you learn?
MICHELLE WIE: How to play the game really. Playing a links style golf course really forces you to play golf. I learned to try and be patient out here. When things go bad, you just have to play through it and make some putts when you have to. That is what I did today and I am going to move forward.

Q: You have to stay out of bunker too –
MICHELLE WIE: Oh yeah, definitely. I am going to secretly come out here with a pack of dirt and make nice tee boxes out of all these bunkers. (laughter)

Dot, can someone explain to Dave M that Michelle's kidding about filling in all the bunkers at
Royal Lytham? He's on the phone to Scotland Yard as we speak.

08/06/06 @ 18:20
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor]
I wish someone would tell Michelle Wie that she does good when she gives money to charity, but she does well when she puts in a good performance in a golf tournament.

What is funny here, is that Michelle Wie was criticized for putting a positive spon on her Top 5 finishes where she was only a shiot or two off the lead, but it likely to escape any criticism for saying the same thing when she finished T26 thirteen shots off the lead. I hope people will now recognize that this is Michelle Wie's way of looking at her tournaments. She would probably sound pretty much the same in assessing her play whether she won by 8 shots like Creamer did at last year's Evian or missed the cut by 8 shots like Webb did this week.
08/06/06 @ 18:34
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
I think if the Bashers have any goal, it is to define "success" for Wie. They want the public to believe that any tourney not won by Wie constitutes "proof of faliure". Wie, at sixteen, is performing beutifully in competition with seasoned adult pros. I agree that Wie will adopt a similar voice, win or lose, in press conferences for decades to come.

Wie did play well (she finished in the top 1/5 in a field of 150 of the world's best adult women pros), but Royal Lytham was the winner between Wie and the course. I think she said as much. Links golf is a game in and of itself. It requires skill at a variety of shots almost never used in the U.S. Wie is learning from the best. If she wins a tourney in the next few years, then hooray! If she doesn't win a tourney in the next few years, then hooray again! - so long as she continues learning her trade from the best.

Woods won his 50th tourney today at the ripe old age of thirty. He won his first tourney a couple months short of his twenty-first birthday. If MW were 21 today and had not won as yet, then the child-bashers may have had the embrionic beginnings of a point. But she's not 21 - she's 16. She'll still be in her 21st year five years from now.

However, she has won something of greter significance than a golf competion - the hearts and minds of millions of people throughout the world. In this day and age, that is a bona fide big-time win in any league.

08/06/06 @ 20:33
Comment from: JR [Visitor]
Ghet Rheel... you just don't get it do you..... I don't have anything against MW... she is a fine player with a very bright future ahead of her.... it's the fantatical fans who talk so much trash then can't take it when it's given back to them. The article was about Sherri Steinhauer, how about giving her some credit for playing so well instead of making this about MW.
08/06/06 @ 22:25
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor]
Dot Wrong,
Somebody please tell Michelle that on the driving range it is 10% mental and 90% physical...on the golf course it is 90% mental and 10% physical. Michelle will not win her first tournament until she is 19...this is from the golf guru.
08/06/06 @ 22:59
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor]
Joe Cool

on the golf course it is 90% mental and 10% physical

NOT TRUE. If that were true Annika could have been successful on the PGA--and she would not have needed to hand pick a course that would fit her game. After all, she has enough mental toughness to suit anyone. With the mental part as 90% she would not even have to worry about the petty little 10% that is physical.

08/06/06 @ 23:51
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
JR, If Ghet Rheel were asked to give the eulogy at the funeral of his best friend , it would probably sound something like this: "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the life of our dear friend, John. And Michelle Wie is still only sixteen years old so let the poor girl alone, you child abusers! She will win a lot of tournaments between the ages of 22 and 35."
08/07/06 @ 08:14
Comment from: Ghet Rheel [Visitor]
Wow, that last post AstroAlex made was kind of touching... I'm getting a little misty-eyed. Well said, lil' fellla!
08/07/06 @ 20:44

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