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Basketball and baseball, no longer America's sports?

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What I am about to say may be shocking… Basketball and baseball are falling by the wayside in this great nation. Not only are they no longer getting the participation they used to revel in, but we are no longer the best at it in the world. If the… more »

Where is the March Madness in golf?

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A March Madness style event would create a golf hysteria for the PGA. The PGA lacks a great one-on-one tournament. Contemplate, for a second, how much interest this could create. The upsets, Cinderella stories, perseverance, and excitement would lead… more »

Titleist Fairway woods are awesome!

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Usually when I write a piece, I try and shed light on a relevant topic. Today is different. I am so happy with my fairway woods by Titleist, I feel like screaming from a mountain top. Apparently, this is my mountain top. I play the 15* and the 19* fo… more »

Now that's Entertainment! Tiger wins at Doral.

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How does he do it? Tiger seems so dominating this year, it is hard to think that winning at Doral would be any kind of entertaining. Tiger wins another one, blah blah blah. Not so, every hole of the tournament was exhilarating. If he wasn't head to h… more »