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Tiger Woods' comeback at the Buick destiny?

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How is it, everyone in the U.S. watching the final round of the Buick knew Tiger would win? Nathan Green had the tournament locked up heading into the tees on the seventeenth hole. Up by two strokes on the field, all he had to do was par out, and he wo… more »

A funny story about me and Matt Hasselbeck:

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Sorry for those of you who are looking for a golf blog. I figured with the upcoming Superbowl, this story would be appropriate. Also, I apologize for the length, I just couldn't bring myself to cut anything out. When I was just a young lad dreaming of… more »

Clemens, McConaughey, Timberlake make a mockery of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

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Roger Clemens, Matthew McConaughey, and Justin Timberlake make a mockery of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic: “Say man, you got a joint?” -- Wooderson (McConaughey in Dazed and Confused) “Er. Not on me man,” answers a 14-15 year ol… more »

Singh his praise after watching The Mercedes Championships and The Sony Open

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On the 22nd of February, Vijay Singh turns 43 years old. Given his age, one might think that Vijay is ready to start falling from contention with the elite golfers of the world. The irony is that Vijay has been getting better, it seems, with age.… more »

Tiger vs. Sam Snead (2 very different golf swings and what’s best for you)

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You have probably heard the phrase, "I want to be like Mike." This is a reference to wanting to play basketball like the great Michael Jordan. Kids all over the world began wagging their young tongues out while going for a picturesque lay-up. Not wanting… more »

PGA Tour - a never ending story

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Imagine flying from one destination to another, forgetting which time zone you’re in. You have a home, but the only time you see it is when you decide that you do not need the money. Knowing the bartender’s name at each clubhouse doesn’t make you a… more »