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Silky (that is your name is it not ?)
As a fellow scribe of some standing I find it hard to believe what you have writtten about your chipping. I have witnessed many a time your protestations of pure confidence wafting across the course and as we all know confivdence is key with most things in life.May I suggest something that might help? Have a lesson. Even you have to admit you need one. Imagine the mirth generated on ranges across the country as you try and find someone to give you advice after a brief assessment of your failings.
Having said that, your main point regarding putting holds water. I challenge you to a putting contest at the course of your choice (no doubt we will be hosted for such a marvellous spectacle). I suspect this event won't happen because as PG Wodehouse so aptly put it "The least thing upsets him on the links. He missed short putts because of the uproar of the butterflies in the adjoining meadows" (The Clucking of Cuthbert 1922. Or indeed this other one from the same "Mortimer , you must choose between golf and me" "But darling, I went round in a hundred and one yesterday. you can't expect a fellow to give up golf when he is at the top of his game"
I await your reply with the anticipation of a striking sloth.
2006-10-19 @ 06:30

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