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Download Charlie King's best-selling golf book "You're NOT Lifting Your Head" for FREE!

Nine years ago, I wrote a book to show golfers that the common fault assessment "I lifted my head" or "I looked up" is a myth. I also wrote it to show golfers the difference between an ineffective teacher and the effective teacher golfers deserve. I… more »

Essential golf skills of the week: Aim and ball position

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I hope the grip and posture review last week was helpful for your golf swing. This week will be a golf lesson on aim and ball position. The video below will explain how aim isn't as easy as it sounds and how to make your aim consistent. It will also t… more »

Have you let these misconceptions affect your golf swing?

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About a year and a half ago I was thinking about what a golf swing would look like if golf's most common misconceptions were taken literally. I put it on videotape and here is what I came up with. P.S. You've been warned, it is not pretty. [youtub… more »

Essential Golf Skills of the Week: Grip and Posture

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I think it is important to get a refresher course for our golf swing in our Essential Golf Skills. I am going to highlight them one by one over the next several weeks. I have included two videos: 1. The Introduction to my Seven Essential Skills. 2… more »

If you are a parent of a junior golfer, you NEED Henry Brunton's golf book Journey to Excellence

I am writing a note to you today to alert you to a great new book. My friend Henry Brunton just released his book for junior golfers and their parents titled "Journey to Excellence." Henry is the Canadian National Golf Coach and is uniquely qualified… more »

Dr. Rick Jensen talks about how to reach your golf potential at Reynolds Plantation

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On Friday, August 28, nationally recognized performance consultant and sports psychologist Rick Jensen spoke to a packed room at the Reynolds Golf Academy. Jensen, who is a long-time friend, presented his thoughts on "Taking Your Golf Game to the Next Le… more »

Charlie King interviews Canadian national golf coach, Henry Brunton

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You may not have heard of Henry Brunton yet, but you should and you will. Henry is a pioneer in the way to set up a program that leads to golfers reaching their potential. He was my expert contributor for the chapter in "New Rules of Golf Instruction"… more » Readers: Turn your golf school into a luxury vacation! 2 nights at the Ritz-Carlton on us

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Sign up for a 3-Day Golf School at the Reynolds Golf Academy and receive 2 nights at the award-winning Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, FREE! Choose either our Essentials of Golf School or our Red Zone Short Game School on one of the following… more » readers need to know these five physical checkpoints for golf

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The physical attributes and limitations each of us has plays a determining factor in the way we most effectively swing a golf club. In The New Rules of Golf Instruction we have a chapter on Golf Fitness and how important it is to your overall success.… more »

Golf book: A Red Zone Putting Tip for readers

Don't just leave the putter face down there to fend for itself. I want you to put your right hand in charge. Picture your right hand as the equivalent of your putter face. Get used to the notion that, if your right hand is pointed toward your intended ta… more »

The Adventures of O.R. Smith #5, the Golf Tips Channel Interview premier for

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O. R. Smith is interviewed on the Golf Tips Channel after the release of his breakthrough book "The Fool Proof Follow-Through Method." Apparently a few of the questions hit a nerve. O. R. starts out strong, but when faced with some push back about hi… more »

Old Rules Golf Instructor O. R. Smith wants to know: Are You Mental?

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The mental side of golf is so essential to success on the golf course. The New Rules of Core Mental Toughness that I wrote with Dr. Rick Jensen are available at and in the downloadable e-book "The New Rules of Golf Instruction." The es… more »

Golf's true test for distance wedges: The Happy Caddie game

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The Happy Caddie game (or Unhappy Caddie if your partner doesn't hit his pitches well) was first published in Golf's Red Zone Challenge four years ago, which been released as a second edition a month ago (available at In this game you have a… more »

The premier of Anger Management

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A little over a year ago a spoof golf tip called "The Proper Way to Throw a Club" was posted on and became the most viewed video golf tip of all time with 1.9 million views and counting. I've waited over a year to release the sequel, "Anger Mana… more »

O.R.Smith Gives a Video Analysis That Could Cripple Your Game

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In our third installment of "The Adventures of O. R. Smith, Old Rules Instructor", we find O. R. giving his thorough video analysis to Hank Headcase. Please watch to see if you recognize this type of video golf lesson. Pass this on to your golfing bu… more »

Essentials Golf Swing Skill No. 7 - Width

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This is the last of my 7 Essential Golf Swing Skills to be posted. You will find it below and also at our Golf Lessons and Golf Tips page. For the others, go to and click the Full Swing tab. Width is the distance from the sternu… more »