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Essential golf skills of the week: Aim and ball position

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I hope the grip and posture review last week was helpful for your golf swing. This week will be a golf lesson on aim and ball position. The video below will explain how aim isn't as easy as it sounds and how to make your aim consistent. It will also t… more »

Have you let these misconceptions affect your golf swing?

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About a year and a half ago I was thinking about what a golf swing would look like if golf's most common misconceptions were taken literally. I put it on videotape and here is what I came up with. P.S. You've been warned, it is not pretty. [youtub… more »

Essential Golf Skills of the Week: Grip and Posture

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I think it is important to get a refresher course for our golf swing in our Essential Golf Skills. I am going to highlight them one by one over the next several weeks. I have included two videos: 1. The Introduction to my Seven Essential Skills. 2… more »

If you are a parent of a junior golfer, you NEED Henry Brunton's golf book Journey to Excellence

I am writing a note to you today to alert you to a great new book. My friend Henry Brunton just released his book for junior golfers and their parents titled "Journey to Excellence." Henry is the Canadian National Golf Coach and is uniquely qualified… more »