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Comment from: Andy Brown [Visitor] Email
Golf is undoubtedly played between the ears. After a certain level one just has to appreciate the fact that more than the skill with the clubs, it is your ability to think clearly and stay focussed that matters the most. But the kind of things people resort to is what amazes me sometimes and I feel that in a way it only burdens you with more needless stuff. I know of a player who has on his bag, someone who prefers to refer to himself as “mental caddy”. An odd name I would think but to have someone on your bag to work on your game is slightly surprising.

The funniest thing had happened in a matchplay tournament that this player entered. Drawn to take part in the two-day strokeplay qualifying before the matchplay started, his “mental caddy” booked a flight out of the city, not expecting the player to get through. He did and so the caddy had to postpone his ticket till after the first round. He won his first tie, and again the guy had to postpone his ticket till finally this improbable run came to an end in the third round. My only point is how could you possibly have a caddy who doesn’t even have the slightest faith in your abilities? Beats me for sure.
2009-07-14 @ 08:09

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