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Essentials Golf Swing Skill No. 7 - Width

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This is the last of my 7 Essential Golf Swing Skills to be posted. You will find it below and also at our Golf Lessons and Golf Tips page. For the others, go to and click the Full Swing tab. Width is the distance from the sternu… more »

When it Sounds Like a Foreign Language, it's an Old Rules Golf Lesson

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This is our second installment of "The Adventures of O.R. Smith, Old Rules Golf Instructor." In this video, O. R. gives his version of a "simple" lesson to Nancy Nowconfused. These videos were meant to be funny but also a direct blow to the kind of golf… more »

Red Zone Tip for Short Putting - Get On Track

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Do you find yourself nervous on the short putts? When we get nervous, it creates a tentative, shaky stroke. Here's a drill that can help. And it proves that you don't have to be perfect, which is good news for all of us. Take two clubs and create a tr… more »

What Do the Numbers 5-5-5 Have to Do With Your Golf Game?

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When you don't trust what you're doing, you tend to tense up, tighten your grip and try to steer the ball. Think of it this way: When you strangle the golf club, the club goes slower not faster. I want you to start monitoring your grip pressure. On a… more »