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Random thoughts on this topic: Golf lessons are all about communication. Find an instructor who explains the swing in a way that sounds right to your brain and you're on your way to better golf. The instructor also has to listen --really listen. If the instructor doesn't understand that you don't understand, forget it! If you find a golf school that works for you, you can really get a lot out of concentrated instruction.
2009-03-19 @ 20:41
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With all due respect, most of the putting aids on the market are flawed in one regard or another. For example, training aids such as the Putting Arc, Stan Utley’s Learning curve, Putting Plane System, Hi-Tec putting track, Accu-stroke, Clear track, Arc Glider and many more are not only big and bulky, they force golfers of all sizes, shapes and skill levels to use the same stroke. Over the years as a professional golf instructor, I have taught hundreds of golfers and I have seen dozens of individually unique putting styles. I know that it is physically impractical to expect an eleven year old to have the same stroke as a six foot five man. Throughout history, some of the greatest putters in the world have had very unorthodox putting strokes. The most important thing in putting is to deliver the putter face square to your intended line at impact, with the proper speed.
The PRO TOUR CARD is the only golf training aid in the world that combines all of these benefits and many more, at a fraction of the cost; while easily fitting into your pocket or golf bag. My goal was to create a product which proves that golf training aids don’t have to be expensive to be effective.
please visit our website at:

www.protourcard.com or cal 1-888-58-GOLOW
2009-03-29 @ 14:15

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