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The New Rules of Golf Instruction in today's Wall Street Journal

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The New Rules ideas are spreading. Today they are mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article about Method teaching. Here is the link. more »

Join the "New Rules" Movement (plus, a special golf school offer for readers)

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I am asking you to get involved. The internet and forwarding of links through e-mail allow ideas to spread "virally." The web is so democratic. You cast your vote every day with the things you find funny, interesting or educational that you pass along in… more »

Introducing O.R. Smith, old rules golf instructor

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Allow me to introduce O.R. Smith to you, readers: O. R. Smith is an Old Rules Instructor. He teaches the same method to every student who comes his way. Uniqueness and individuality are not allowed. In his mind there is one, "scientifica… more »

Can You Please Give Me a Golf Lesson That Doesn't Make Me Worse?

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"Can you please give me a golf lesson that doesn't make me worse?" That question and the two that follow are thoughts that go through most golfers mind. "Please help me get better, don't confuse me." "Can you say it so it doesn't sound like a… more »

Core Mental Toughness from a New Rules Perspective

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Thank you for coming to my blog here on With the launch of "The New Rules of Golf Instruction" e-book came a new page on Mental Toughness in golf. Below you will find my first Core Mental Toughness video titled "The Why Question." It is… more » golfers, please download my ebook 'The New Rules of Golf Instruction'

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I've released of my 60-page ebook, "The New Rules of Golf Instruction," which is available for free download at The ebook features the nine areas where traditional (Old Rules) golf instruction has failed and introduces the "New Rule… more »