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Golf's Secret to Hitting the Ball Solid

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One of the reasons I focus on this topic as a teacher, is because here we are centuries after golf was invented and golfers still have "You looked up" and "Keep Your Head Down" as the #1 diagnosis of poor shots in golf. There are a couple of key ideas to… more »

Helping Golfers Reach Your Goals for 2009

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January 1 usually brings us to contemplate and assess the previous year and make a plan for the year to come. I have been setting written goals since 1987 and have tried a variety of methods. A couple of key things have come from this that I want to shar… more »

I'm Charlie King. Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

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Not everybody can win the Masters. There's only that select one each year. For me, golf instruction is about helping golfers win their Masters, whatever that personal goal may be. It's a distinction that has guided in how we have developed the programmin… more »