Tiger- A DADDY! Wow.

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"And a child was born unto them." Well, another page in the life of Tiger Woods is opened. Nine months of a pregnant wife, nine months of anticipation and preparation. Of course, the question looming, how will this new development effect his world ren… more »

Jamaica Opens Arms to Pro Team Golf League

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Hello from Jamaica. After reporting on Saturday and giving a heads up about a breakthrough new concept in golf, the Pro Team Golf League, I hopped a flight to Atlanta and down to Montego Bay, to see for myself if this League would deliver. Answer: a re… more »

New Golf Tour Brings Interactivity to Golf...Finally!

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There is coming to golf, beginning next week a new golf tour. Aptly named the Pro Team Golf League, begins its ascent into the hearts of minds of golfers world wide. According to their website: The top 8 Canadian Tour golfers from the USA and Canada g… more »

Golfsmith Sinks into the Mire

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I am so pissed. In a recent visit to my favorite golf shop, a local custom club fellow in Pacific Grove, Calif., Brad showed me a copy of the latest catalog from Golfsmith. In it, they tout a "new" technology they feature. A cheap rip-off counterweight f… more »

Kanada, Nationwide Tour show heart!

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I was stuck in the fog and rain of the Central Coast of California over the weekend, so my only golf fix was watching the final of the Nationwide Tour Final in Texas on the Golf Channel. What a treat! After watching Tiger early throwing clubs and gene… more »

Tiger Woods Comes Out Swinging In Defense of CB

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My comments on Tom Pernice Jr. notwithstanding, here are Tiger's own words from the opening round of interviews at the HSBC Championships in China: TIGER WOODS: As far as not playing the Tour Championship, it's been a long year. I played, had some thi… more »

Pernice? Who is he?

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Tom Pernice, Jr. decided today to take a shot at Tiger Woods and his choosing to skip the Tour Championship. What is wrong with this guy? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! Here is his quote: "I think it's a disgrace," journeyman Tom Pernic… more »

Just who is CB Maxwell? WorldGolf.com's newest blogger tells you

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I grew up playing the game at Corral de Tierra Country Club in Monterey County (1963) when it first opened, so I have watched the gentrification of the "private" club first hand. When I was a teenager during the summer's I would ride out to the club each… more »

$3.7 Million Found in Golf Course Parking Lot

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I know it sounds incredible, but it is true ... millions of dollars just laying around my parking lot. I wasn't able to pick up the cash because it was just blowing around in the wind. It kept swirling around and around, and I wasn't able to lay a hand o… more »

If Golf Was Ruled by Politics and Protesters

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It is a blistering day on the links today as the four opponents line up for a championship round of golf. The wind is blowing, the mist is forming up, and could turn to rain, and the course is thick with danger and rough. Tiger, Sergio, Phil, and VJ a… more »