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Tiger Rules, but KJ's Fat Grip Caught Our Attention

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Well, the season drags on and continues to underwhelm, with the most recent victory by Steve Fleish. As he put it, he stumbled a bit, but had a big enough lead that no one could track him down. Good for him, but as you looked at the leaderboard, you ha… more »

Tiger Woods smackdown of Rory Sabbatini

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When will these guys learn? Don't tick off Tiger Woods! Don't even think you are in the same league, just be glad to take second place money. When Tiger is in full form, all cylinders, smooth take away and transition into his downswing, his shot making i… more »

Mob Takes a Pass on Rigging Open

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What a week in sports! The Open Championship at Carnoustie gave us all the drama we could ever wish for. Tiger lurking, but never quite challenging. A host of major winners on the leaderboard trying to chase down Sergio Garcia. Carnoustie playing "to… more »

Super Stroke Grip Leads Choi to Victory at ATT National

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Every now and then, one of the "little" companies, new entries with a great idea and product capture the attention of the golfing world and so it was last week at the inaugural ATT National hosted by Tiger Woods. KJ Choi had seen the SuperStroke Grip… more »

Michelle Wie ain't no Ali

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Some time ago, I wrote a column supporting the choices that Michelle Wie had been making, to play against the men and so forth, but I think the last week has shown, she just doesn't have the heart of a champion. Female athletes develop sooner than men… more »

Old Tom Morris Meets Tad Moore

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Despite all the modern advances in new "technology" in the golf equipment business, the game of golf still remains a simple one. That is, get the ball in the hole in as few a strokes as you are able. Secondly, beat the pants off your buddies. But, in… more »

Odd Thoughts and Bon Bons

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Having just moved from the Monterey Peninsula to the Sonora mountain region of California, I am making the heat adjustment from mid 50's to mid 80's. Lost two pounds already. But, there are some interesting golf courses up here included the really wond… more »

Golf Magazine Testing?

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Okay, let's break this down. The latest issue of Golf Magazine alleges that it had 40 readers and invited them to spend two weeks at Reunion Resort in Florida. Nice, how do you get that ticket? Then they say that the test 55 "latest" models and hit… more »

Planet Woods' Gravitational Field

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Wow, what a Saturday at Augusta. Tiger trudges off the course matching his Thursday achievement of bogey's on 17 and 18, and you could feel the steam building up like a nuke reactor ready to blow. Back the range to settle down with this brain trust of… more »

Cover the Masters, Rob a Bank for Expenses

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It is being reported that a CBS "technician" was found in his Holiday Inn with money and the red dye from the exploding material in his getaway bag of money. Two others were later arrested. Clearly, CBS is not giving enough per diem for this to occur… more »

Double Bogey Causes Millions of Remotes to Switch Channels

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On the 11th hole at Bay Hill, Tiger Woods made a few more bad swings out of the rough, and then mindlessly three putted for a double bogey while VJ moved up on Tiger by 5 and Tiger was done. He limped home with a double and a triple for his highest scor… more »

Golf is Better Than Hollywood, and then some.

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I am sitting here watching the Oscars and I am super impressed by the stunning pretension and arrogance of these pinheads. They seem to believe that they ARE the characters they portray, rather than the dropouts, dope fiends and deviants they actually a… more »

Tiger v Finchem and Nicklaus in the Corner

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PGA TOUR vs. NASCAR I believe that the game of Golf is at a crossroads. Today, the PGA Tour went head to head with the Daytona 500. Fortunately, with my remote control I was able to watch the duel between Lefty and Charles Howell III, while the Dayt… more »

Pebble Beach Weather Strikes Again

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Last year at this time, I was basking on the putting green at the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links during the AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm. 82 degrees and everyone was in light weight clothing and the girl watching was absolutely spectacular! Alas, the s… more »

Titanic Beginning to 2007 PGA Tour

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Oh my God...what am I watching? While the Golf Channel did their best to put a great face on the terrific top 30 players, oh, that is right; there weren't many in the field, the guys playing the Bob Hope (Car Company) Classic...what a mess. And the Son… more »