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Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
I would hope that there will never be another Muhammed Ali--and I would think you would have more respect for golf than to compare it to the barbaric spectacle that left Muhammed Ali brain damaged.
06/10/07 @ 17:28
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
I would hope that there will never be another Muhammed Ali--and I would think you would have more respect for golf than to compare it to the barbaric spectacle that left Muhammed Ali brain damaged.
06/10/07 @ 17:29
Comment from: InTheBunker [Visitor] Email
Jim C, you are, without question, the most detached person patrolling these pages. I strongly encourage you to take a course in reading comprehension because more often than not, you just don't get it. Let me help you.

The point being made is NOT a comparison of golf to boxing, but a look at the charactersitics of being a champion. In this case, the writer chose a boxer. I know it's a complicated thought process for you to grasp.

06/10/07 @ 18:51
Comment from: Jay [Visitor] Email
Maybe Jim C listened to Floyd's 'brain damage'--while being high--too many times ?
06/10/07 @ 19:50
Comment from: CB MAXWELL [Member] Email
What I find fascinating about this "blog business" is that there are so many people out there, who can completely miss a point, and try to make one that doesn't exist. And thank you Jim C for "getting it." And yes, the point was "the hearts of champions."

Had I wished to make a differentiation between "the sweet science, or the noble art" and grand ol' tradition, I would have pointed out that Tiger, after smoking the field in his first Master's victory at Augusta, didn't pop out of the signing of his card, jump on the ropes, and yell..."I am the Greatest!" The press did it for him. And without using Ali as my metaphorical champion, I would have had such fun alliteration in my headline.
06/10/07 @ 20:20
Comment from: Art [Visitor] Email
I would definately take Ali's Brain and heart over Michelle's And Jim C's brain and heart anytime.
Jim C's Mother must have told him he's the greatest and he believe's it
06/11/07 @ 02:26
Comment from: CB MAXWELL [Member] Email
Take note; from Oakmont...
It is stifling difficult, to the point of walking off and feeling like you’ve got 12 rounds with Ali,’’ Paul Goydos said.
06/12/07 @ 17:02
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email

You never explained why Ali was banned from boxing, nor why he was reinstated. He said no to the draft. He was convicted, banned from boing, appealed his conviction, and finally had his conviction overturned by the Supreme Court. The Court accepted Ali's argument that as a Moslem who did not believe in any wars except for Moslem Holy War, he was essentially no different than a total pacifist. You can argue that the ruling had the effect of correcting an injustice that had been done to Ali, but the reversal of his conviction and his reinstatement in boxing was based upon some monumental BS, and I think that monumental BS argued before and accepted by the Supreme Court is a lot more serious than a teenagers comments in a press conference.

And as far as cash cow is concerned, don't you think Ali was paid a lot more as a boxer than he would have been paid as a soldier.

06/12/07 @ 17:11
Comment from: CB MAXWELL [Member] Email
Jim C,
I didn't address Ali's ban or the reasons as it wasn't relevant to the point relating to the heart of a Champion. And I would agree with you that BS argued before the Supreme Court is more important historically than Ms. Wie's or any athletes comments might be. But Wie's lack of awareness regarding her true place in the game, and her total lack of authenticity or ethics is my issue with her as it relates to her potential for accomplishment in a game that requires mental toughness, honest courage, and an ability to compete under pressure...all of which she has shown a distinct lack of this past year or so.

As for "cash cow" and Ali making more money boxing...as you point out, during the ban, he made nothing, so he would have made "more" as a soldier.
06/12/07 @ 17:45
Comment from: Booger [Visitor] Email
Why would anyone want to be like Ali?
06/13/07 @ 12:07
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
I remember a cool song in the 1970s about Muhammad ... It went "Muhammad, Muhammad Ali, he floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee; Muhammad, the black superman, he calls to the other guy, I'm aaaa-aaaaa-liiiii, catch me if you can." You couldn't dance to it, but you could bounce to it.

How many of us are born with a great heart? As Johnny Clegg and Savukka sing, "I'm searching for the spirit of the great heart, to hold and keep me dry, I'm searching for the spirit of the great heart, under African skies..." Wie has lived a charmed life, born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has not suffered the racism that Tiger did in SoCal, when he could not play certain courses. She attended a privileged, private school, while Tiger went public (ever read the great book by his high school coach?) The injuries just might be her emotional challenge to her heart. I hope that she finds her own self amid the entourage, and reclaims her potential.
06/24/07 @ 10:44

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