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Golf Magazine Testing?

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Okay, let's break this down. The latest issue of Golf Magazine alleges that it had 40 readers and invited them to spend two weeks at Reunion Resort in Florida. Nice, how do you get that ticket? Then they say that the test 55 "latest" models and hit… more »

Planet Woods' Gravitational Field

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Wow, what a Saturday at Augusta. Tiger trudges off the course matching his Thursday achievement of bogey's on 17 and 18, and you could feel the steam building up like a nuke reactor ready to blow. Back the range to settle down with this brain trust of… more »

Cover the Masters, Rob a Bank for Expenses

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It is being reported that a CBS "technician" was found in his Holiday Inn with money and the red dye from the exploding material in his getaway bag of money. Two others were later arrested. Clearly, CBS is not giving enough per diem for this to occur… more »