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Comment from: Brett Davies [Visitor] Email

Could not agree more re hollywood would be's!!

Howooever, referring to the current US Open champion as "What's his name (have some respect)

it is quite offensive, not only to we Aussies, but to all former obscure winners of the
US Open
Particularly those not as well known now as in the past such as Jerry Pate and Andy Andy North etc.

For what it is worth Henrik Stenson is a very bloody good player as is "what's
his name"!!

It is about time the punters and you so called experts in the US realise that
apart from the usual suspects Woods and Michelson etc. the rest of the world
are bringing a game that has been fine tuned in either regular bad weather
conditions (Euro tour) or hard fairways and fast and hard greens.

It requires imagination. if you think last year was good for the internaitonals and particularly the Aussies just wait!!!because ayou may see all three US majors
go to O'seas players.

CB my point is just show a bit of respect because apart form Woods and a
select band of others, you may see the Fedexcup go OS.

you could
preparing themselves
mentally for the "rigures" of the all exempt gold gravey train tour and have golf
games that has been developed
02/26/07 @ 04:12
Comment from: CB [Visitor] Email
Yo Brett,
I am a huge Olgilvy fan. My comment was meant as a bit of sarcasm as he and Stenson are hardly household names and as we know, TV ratings for golf are so low, you can't find them published anywhere. I am with you, it is clear that the European and Australian players are stronger in the match play format as proven by the results of this last week.
02/26/07 @ 10:50
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Brett Davies,

I don't want to nitpick, but you should have written "to us Aussies."

Most knowledgeable US golf fans are well aware of and appreciative of all the excellent golfers from Down Under. I know that I am.

Incidentally, we have some good friends from Perth.
02/26/07 @ 17:44
Comment from: CB [Visitor] Email
Minor Point: I did not designate either player to be "what's his name" or "the other guy." Only to make the point that today's golf coverage so dominates and focuses on Tiger et al, that the "other" players are under covered...and yes, Stenson IS a pretty damn fine player to survive that marathon event.
02/26/07 @ 20:02
Comment from: Scott [Visitor] Email
Nice to see that I'm not the only one who has almost completely tuned out the
Hollywood crowd...

When they start making movies that inspire and make me feel good about
what I've just seen or experienced, then maybe I'll get out to a movie
theatre to purchase their product. (And if they stop acting like looneys, so much
the better...)

In the meantime, I'll keep my Blockbuster card handy, and save my hard-earned
money for club membership and greens fees....
02/27/07 @ 18:51
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
The Hollywood set comprises the lowest form of scum, anti-American guttersnipes almost to a man.

By the way, I never watch the Oscars and have never desired to do so. I always found pretentious, plastic people with facades over their faces to be the epitome of banality.
03/06/07 @ 04:12
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Barbra Streisand, among the most obnoxious of the Hollywood left, once returned from a march of limousine liberals where the bleeding hearts were decrying the plight of the homeless and the reluctance of the Federal Govenment to ameliorate their plight.

When she got home , she discovered that one of her staff, I believe it was her chauffer, had used her bathroom. She called the police and expressed a strong desire to have the man arrested. The policeman told her that while she could indeed fire the man and deprive him of his livelihood, using her bathroom was not a crime, even in Malibu.

She fired the man.

And she still doesn't have any homeless persons living in any of her twenty-room mansions.
03/07/07 @ 10:28
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

I have no doubt that your story is true. Leftists are "Do as I say, not as I do" types; they will give you the shirt off someone else's back. They are vice-ridden, blind to their own faults and convinced of their own inerrancy and sanctified status. They score others for their lack of charity, and then turn around and treat their fellow man like dirt.

It reminds me of a fellow who was fired by Kruschev because he spilled the communist's tea. He made the point that if he'll fire you for spilling a cup of tea, what would he visit on someone for doing something worse?

Then, you should hear what the secret service has to say about their experiences with the Clintons and Gores.
03/07/07 @ 11:33

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