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Comment from: jaypee [Visitor]
Right on.... And while we are on the PGA subject, does anyone find the, very noisy free pga tour video pop up, on the pgatour.com site, terribly annoying ??
01/22/07 @ 13:57
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful [Visitor] Email
First time comment...

Wow, a guy who calls a spade a spade. Well written...

Put my 2 cents on Ron Mon's site...Who is the Tour banking on for the future of the game?

Tour event on television is getting to look like watching the European Tour...Need some sleep, click on Laidlaw and good night. Players you have never heard of, courses you can to assocaite with...Are we talking the Euro or American PGA Tour...one in the same.

Kelly Tilghman is there for the ladies...

The real PGA Show is in September in Vegas!!!
01/22/07 @ 14:41
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Sorry, I don't agree with you, Mr. Wonderful, that Kelly is there for the ladies...I think she's there for the gents! Some eye candy who knows what she's talking about too!

Faldo is there for the girls...
01/22/07 @ 18:22
Comment from: Timmyboy [Visitor] Email
Nick Faldo is there for his dry humor and knowlege of the game. If the ladies enjoy him, so be it. Kelly is there for the ladies, (get away from golf thinking for a second) if you know whit I mean...

Not starting a bash or sexuality war, but how blind and innocent was her interview with Arnold Plamer, calling him Mr. Palmer, like it is the first time ever meeting him. Quickly corrected he asked to be called Arnold or Arnie... For God sakes, she works for him, he owns the Golf Channel. That was not the first time ever meeting him I am sure.

Back to the ladies thing, as a red blooded, straight white male, she is there for the ladies...
01/23/07 @ 12:08

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