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Tiger- A DADDY! Wow.

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"And a child was born unto them." Well, another page in the life of Tiger Woods is opened. Nine months of a pregnant wife, nine months of anticipation and preparation. Of course, the question looming, how will this new development effect his world ren… more »

Jamaica Opens Arms to Pro Team Golf League

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Hello from Jamaica. After reporting on Saturday and giving a heads up about a breakthrough new concept in golf, the Pro Team Golf League, I hopped a flight to Atlanta and down to Montego Bay, to see for myself if this League would deliver. Answer: a re… more »

New Golf Tour Brings Interactivity to Golf...Finally!

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There is coming to golf, beginning next week a new golf tour. Aptly named the Pro Team Golf League, begins its ascent into the hearts of minds of golfers world wide. According to their website: The top 8 Canadian Tour golfers from the USA and Canada g… more »