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In response to: Help! A golf ball hit my house!

Crotch-monkious Maximus [Visitor]
It is simple tort liability law. You cause damage, you are responsible.

Only an entitlement mentality moron would think they could damage someone else's property and the person who owned the property that they damaged would be responsible.

Frankly, if you think otherwise then you are an idiot.
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In response to: Sneak preview at "The Granddaddy": Pine Lakes Country Club in Myrtle Beach

Katias Korner [Visitor]
Original Jack Chilton Oil on Canvas depicting the 13th green at Pine Lakes available.
Check it out:
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In response to: Help! A golf ball hit my house!

Daddy Octavius [Visitor]
OK. If you're that lousy at golf that you can't hit the F'ing ball straight maybe you should practice some before screwing up people's windows and injuring them. And some golfers who hit their shit into your backyard have the nerve to ask for their ball back. This is ridiculous. Golf is a gentleman's sport; yall need to start playing like gentlemen and not rude gorillas.
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In response to: A new low for high gas prices: Orlando Airport-area station sneaks $5.79 gas into tourist tanks

Anne [Visitor]
It happened to us also.. We were in a hurry to return our rental car, and get to our flight.. Pulled in there, and proceeded to pump and realized it was almost $6.00 per gallon.. Such a rip off... Normally I look at gas prices, but there prob hoping to get people that are in a hurry or distracted.. I'm surprised their allowed to do that legally!!
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Mike [Visitor]
This is pretty simple people. Common courtesy and good manners dictate that you should offer to pay if you break a homeowner's window or cause any significant damage while golfing. I understand that people living on a course should expect balls in their yards, and the occasional ball bouncing off their house, especially with the way some courses are laid out, but they shouldn't have to expect broken windows. Accidents happen, and if I broke a window while golfing you can be damn sure I'd find that homeowner or leave a note and offer to pay for it. Just today I was out in a foursome and my partner put just a bit too much fire behind his drive and overshot the landing zone and hit a house. He ddn't break any windows (just ricocheted off the brick side of the house) but he still felt bad about it. Had it been a window he said he would have offered to pay for it.
This isn't rocket science guys and gals!
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In response to: Sports fans are victims thanks to Stubhub and legalized ticket scalping

Legal ticket ripoffs [Visitor]
I know this article hasn't been replied to since 2009, but let's jump to now in 2013. The arguments he has made regarding stubhub affecting fans getting tickets to a game w/o getting totally ripped off is quite verified.

I am trying to get NFL tickets to watch the Lions play. The season hasn't even started, yet all the tickets are sold out. Check stubhub, anywhere between 10%-20% of the maximum capacity of the stadium is listed on the site with prices ranging from 2x as much to 20x as much. As mentioned, this includes tickets I was looking at trying to get over 3 months in advance. This is the same for every other game in the season. Most scalpers are season ticket holders and get first crack at getting season tickets the next year before the consumer does. See how it now becomes VERY hard to get a ticket by normal means?
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In response to: Help! A golf ball hit my house!

Stan Pulver [Visitor]
I know now that golf balls are as dangerous as a bullet. Shooting ranges need to be 500 YARDS away from any house yet the idiots who allowed home to be built around golf courses never got the same idea. American Greed is why they don't care as my house gets the blame. I will also say as a non golfer I was totally unaware how much destruction this house would be subjected to.
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In response to: 48 hours in Bend, Oregon: Pronghorn golf, mountain biking and microbrews

MSG [Visitor]
You are effing retarded if you think Oregon is the best beer state in the U.S. Stone, Lagunitas, and Russian River. Nuff said!
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In response to: Help! A golf ball hit my house!

Joe Sherard [Visitor]
I get so SICK of these people saying if you build a house next to a golf course it is your responsibility for damage. My street dead ends into a golf course . My front and back yards are parallel with the golf course and I lived here years and years before they even thought about building the golf course which is city owned. I'm old ,disabled and live on a fixed income. The last damage I substained is extensive. Body and window damage to my truck which I don't know how much my insurance will cover. If I could afford to move I would.
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johjohn [Visitor]
You should all really be getting mad at the developer who, rather than providing a clear and sizable boundry between the courses and houses decided to save money and build them back to back.

Houses and flying hard balls mix about as well as pepperspray and eyeballs.
And no matter how much you rant about controlling the golfball realistally a certain number always get sliced like crazy. Any of you who think otherwise just forgot how bad you were the first few years you played.
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In response to: How do you actually convince golfers to 'Tee it Forward'? You could charge by the tee box

sanford c. (Sandy) milwit [Visitor]
I am an avid golfer, age 73, with current handicap of 15. I went to the senior tees when I became 70 because I simply wanted to reach more greens in regulation as well as to be more helpful to my teammates when we play in our weekly golf tournaments.

For the past year, I have been attempting to get our own golf board here at Palm Aire CC in Pompano Beach. Fl to fully understand the rationale of the PGA/USGA's Tee it Forward campaign.

I'm fairly certain they get it, but much more needs to be done with other golf clubs and tournament directors.

Just a few recent cases will explain why there is much more to be done to "sell" the T It Forward concept:

In the past several months, I have played in three charity golf tournaments where everyone was required to hit from the white tees (back tees) where so many of us have moved away from for the same reasons illustrated in the T it Forward campaign.

Why would one want to go back to the back tees after teeing it forward for the past several years? He or she is truly unable to participate to the degree that they did from teeing it forward. It also does not permit one to use his or her t shots unless the long hitters on his/her team is out of bounds, etc.

Lastly, I can understand the problem in these charity events when it comes to specialty holes where one can win a car for a hole in one , or win an expensive vacation in some exotic island, etc.. Perhaps, on those "specialty"holes, those who normally hit from the senior (forward) tees, could be made to hit a little further back, but that should be the only concession I would consider making.

I commend those who are promoting the Tee if Forward campaign; however, much more needs to be done to "sell" the concept to clubs across the country, including adopting it in their various tournaments , golf outings and member-guest tournaments.


Sanford C. (Sandy) Milwit , Board Member Palm Aire Men's Golf Association (PAMGA) Pompano Beach , Fl
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In response to: Near Village of Pinehurst, the new Coore-Crenshaw Dormie Club is now open and you can play it

Mike Phillips [Visitor]
I'm a little biased since I'm the manager, but thanks to Brandon for posting about our club. Golfers can give us a call at the pro shop to schedule a tee time. (910) 215-4587 or email us as well: You won't be disappointed!
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In response to: At long last: Makai Golf Club at St. Regis Princeville Resort on Kauai lands Top 100 spot

Rob Thomas [Visitor]
Good to see you're still traveling and golfing in style, Brandon. If you're ever in NE Ohio, look me up for a round.
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In response to: PGA Show littered with energy drinks for golfers

Steve [Visitor]
Energetic drinks must be required if you are a daily golfer. So one should choose best energetic drink when playing golf. As a experience golfer, I drink teeoff golf drink from a long period and it works fantastic.
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In response to: Play all day at Las Vegas Pauite Golf Resort with unlimited golf and receive half-off rental club sets

jacktyler [Visitor]
Absolutely it’s a place to get relaxer and refreshed. I enjoyed the trip to las vegas much with the amazing facility here.....
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In response to: Tiger Woods feels no need to apologize for profanity-laced threat at Doral photographer

Carrow6659 [Visitor]
Quite a good read, I always like a well-written article. I hope to read more like this soon!
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In response to: 24 hours in Maui: From volcano sunrises to peaceful golf on Wailea's Old Blue

Spencer Rogers [Visitor]
That is an awesome picture on the golf course. Beautiful! Love the Islands!
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In response to: Video: Sneak peak at Gozzer Ranch, a luxury golf community on Lake Coeur D'Alene

Sailor [Visitor]
I would like to learn golf very much. I would like to come and learn from you.
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In response to: Help! A golf ball hit my house!

Bobby Joe [Visitor]
All good comments but here is my take: whether you built a house before or after a course was put in doesn't matter. Bottomline: The Golfer, Home Owner and Golf Course all share responsibility. Golfers need to golf responsibly. Do not to drive shots or try shots well outside your ability, especially when you have a chance to hit a home. Also, you break someone's window then own up to it. No different than if you are shagging baseball hits out in the back yard and you hit your neighbors window - remember what you teach your kids...responsibility.

Home owners on Golf Courses have a responsibility to design their homes with considerations to the directions balls are hit from. I wouldn't build a house with big expensive windows on the side where golf balls are being hit from nor put in a bunch of solar panels on my roof. Don't force bad design on a golf course just because you think you can.

Golf Course management has a responsibility to ensure course layout does not contribute to bad placed shots and homes. They should also try to provide natural screening, shrubs and trees, around houses that are at potential risk.

Everyone should take responsibility to limit the issue and stop looking to blame each other.
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In response to: 2013 British Open Championship is coming back to Muirfield in East Lothian, Scotland (and how to get a tee time)

Peter Sellar [Visitor]
Being a Scot but thank god now domiciled in Canada where we do not have to weear an old school tie. I don't know how the members of Muirfield can still call themselves 'honourabl;e'. It's 2012 and time to wake up and smell the rosees 'old boys'
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In response to: Rudy's, Salt Lick, Artz: Three of the best Texas BBQ joints on your Austin golf trip

Carey [Visitor]
Sadly, Artz is no more. :-(
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In response to: Just how good is U.S. Women's Open host Oakmont Country Club?

Phia Charles [Visitor]
I just wish the women U.S. open would get more exposure as the men U.S. open
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In response to: In time for Father's Day, Prince Edward Island is a great spot for family golf getaways

Victoria [Visitor]
PEI is sooo beautifuly in the summer!! Another great place for families is Vancouver Island - can't beat the fun things for everyone to do. I was here recently and stayed at the Accent Inns where they offer a great golf package and the staff were superb. The hotel is close to everything making it easy for me to not only golf a great course but enjoy the various sites this beautiful city has to offer.
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In response to: Can't blame Tiger Woods for skipping Masters Par 3 Tournament turned Westminster Dog Show spectacle on ESPN

Jon T [Visitor]
All you golf snobs (who don't want anything to taint the purists) have to do is change the channel. Don't watch! Obviously this is a fun event for young parents and I'm sure there are viewers who think so as well.
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In response to: Fairmont Presidents Club rewards guests with free rental clubs and more travel perks

HRCI [Visitor]
I've been a Platinum member with FAIRMONT over the past 3 years and i'm a Platinum everywhere else. I've travelled a lot to Asia last year and was unable to get Status for 2012. I tried and they ditch me. No way they will understand. I imagine when I will go to their property!!!! I will just go and not give them business at the same time. I will also let my consultant know they are not part of our preffered hotels anymore. They will loose a bit of business but hey!, serce your loyal customer better !!!!
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In response to: Paspalum turf: even old school Tom Doak is using golf's hot new grass at Bahia de los Suenos in Mexico

matt [Visitor]
Paspalum is NOT the grass of the future! I am a superintendent in south Florida on a course that was Bermuda and converted to Paspalum. The challenges we have is the old Bermuda takes over the Paspalum. Also the prediction that Paspalum is drought tolereant could NOT be more far from the truth, Paspalum loves water! The more we dry it out, the more the Bermuda takes over. Paspalum is a great surface when in good condition, but it takes several applications of fungicides through out the year to control leaf spot, dollar spot, and yellow patch. It is not the grass of the future! It costs too much money to maintain and takes too much water.
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In response to: The Ireland and Northern Ireland golf tour awards

Golf in Ireland [Visitor]
These pictures are awesome. Every golfer wants to be the champion in golf courses. Ireland is the best place for the golfers to play golf in courses. here are some pictures of the golf courses

Thanks for sharing this nice and valuable post hope to see the next update soon.
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In response to: St. Brides Hotel & Spa in Saudersfoot proves Wales is catching on with hospitality

Claudia [Visitor]
We love wales and think this was an excellent article it just shows you what can be done! we also tried a golfing holiday through last year and had a wonderful time and also heard of this hotel so we shall consider it also!
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In response to: Trade in your home for golf course real estate at west Michigan's Tullymore

Kevin Read [Visitor]
My wife is from Toledo and we visit Charlevoix every year around July. We played Belvedere this lastyear along with others for a week. In our business of golf course and country club real estate in Houston we always like reviews of new courses to try and recommend to clients.

Kevin Read
Country Club Lifestyle Realty
9525 Katy Freeway Suite 420
Houston, Texas 77024
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In response to: Kauai, Hawaii luxury resort coffee is delicious even in your messy, one-bedroom apartment

synthetic lawn [Visitor]
Sooooooo pretty...want to be there right now!!!
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In response to: Who cares if Kenny Perry doesn't play in the British Open?

vinsidinst01 [Visitor]
That is somewhat related to everything else today isn't it?
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In response to: Help! A golf ball hit my house!

golf las vegas [Visitor]
The Myrtle Beach area includes more than one hundred golf courses throughout, with the golfing being offered on an individual basis and also through golf package deals.
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In response to: First the groove rule, now long putters are under attack? It's drivers, course setup and golf balls, silly

GPS Golf Devices [Visitor]
I would consider that a player be allowed to putt with a sledge hammer if he wanted. Putting is a refined skill and I think that the long putter may be adding some unfound before confidence. Howard at "GPS Golf Devices":"
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In response to: 48 hours in Bend, Oregon: Pronghorn golf, mountain biking and microbrews

GPS Golf Devices [Visitor]
This is such beautiful countryside. What a place for playing golf and all of the other wonderful things like walking and biking or horseback riding.
Thanks for the wonderful review. Howard at
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In response to: American Golf Census: Have you been counted?

Bali Golf Course [Visitor]
The American Golf Census gives golfers the chance to support the game, simply by being counted, so policymakers will better understand how golf enhances the lives of millions of Americans from all walks of life..
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In response to: Krakow Valley, Poland, hope to build a golf tradition in Europe

Golf Tours Scotland [Visitor]
Never played golf in Poland. Will definitely need to try it out.
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In response to: Help! A golf ball hit my house!

HappyGilmore [Visitor]

Golf and the Law
(based on California law)
(updated 9-30-02)

Recently, my friend broke his hand while playing golf. He had just teed off on the first hole, hitting a beautiful drive 225 yards straight down the middle of the first fairway. As he was preparing to hit his second shot, a hooked tee shot from the parallel tenth hole (separated by a line of trees from the first hole) drilled my friend's left hand, smashing his hand into his five iron which he was about to swing, shattering a few random bones.

Does he have a claim for damages against the golfer hitting the destructive drive from the tenth tee?

No. With almost an identical factual situation, a California appellate court in Dilger v. Moyles (54. Cal. App. 4th, 1997) held that errant or missed golf shots are an inherent risk of the sport of golf and a co-participant in a sport generally has no duty to protect other participants against risks inherent in a sport. Or in the court's own language, "Hitting a golf ball at a high rate of speed involves the very real possibility that the ball will take flight in an unintended direction. If every ball behaved as the golfer wished, there would be little "sport" in the sport of golf. That shots go awry is a risk that all golfers, even the professionals, assume when they play."

Would it make any difference if the golfer with the hooked drive failed to yell "fore" if aware that my friend was in the path of his errant drive?

Perhaps surprisingly, the answer is emphatically "no." Again in Dilger, the court concludes that golf etiquette doesn't rise to a level of a duty. In golf, like other sports having inherent risks assumed by a participant, a co-participant is not liable to another participant for his activities unless he intentionally injuries another player or engages in reckless conduct totally outside the range of ordinary activity for the sport. And, the court determines that the failure to yell "fore" does not constitute such reckless or intentional conduct.

Ever wonder if the golf course would be liable to a golfer injured by his or another player's ball ricochetting off a yardage marker?

No, stated the appellate court recently in American Golf v. Becker (79 Cal. App. 4th, 2000). A golfer's ball was located about 5 to 15 yards behind and about 5 to 10 yards to the right of a removable 200 yard upright wooden distance marker. The golfer's partner was seated in their golf cart slightly right of the golfer's ball and about 10 yards behind the ball.

As you suspected, the golfer hooked his ball to the left, hitting the distance marker which caused the ball to ricochet, hitting his partner seated in the golf cart in the eye and causing serious injury. The injured golfer sought damages against the golf course claiming that the assumption of risk defense was not applicable because the course was defectively designed in its use of wooden yardage markers (in lieu of alternative forms of distance markers, e.g., flat plate markers), therefore increasing the risk to golfers beyond the risks inherent in the sport of golf.

The appellate court upheld a summary judgment for the defendant golf course, upholding the trial court's decision that defective design was not a triable issue of fact. Quoting the court,

The duty of a golf course towards a golfer is to provide a reasonably safe golf course. This duty requires the golf course owner to minimize the risks without altering the nature of the sport. Thus the owner of a golf course has an obligation to design a golf course to minimize the risk that players will be hit by golf balls, e.g., by the way the various tees, fairways and greens are aligned or separated. In certain areas of the golf course, because of the alignment or separation of the tee, fairway and/or greens, the golf course owner may also have a duty to provide protection for players from being hit with golf balls where the greatest danger exists and where such an occurrence is reasonably to be expected. . . Golf course's yardage marker system utilizing three visible wooden posts on each side of the fairway is found on 20 to 25 percent of the nation's golf courses. Thus yardage markers are an integral part of the sport of golf, and the yardage marker system used at golf course is standard in the industry. Obstacles, both fixed and removable, are also an integral part of the sport of golf. Because errant shots are an inherent risk of golf and errant shots by definition take flight in unintended directions, golf involves a very real possible that a player will hook or slice a part, the ball will strike a hard obstacle, and the ball will ricochet forcibly. Of course, the risk of ricochet is dramatically reduced where the obstacle in question is removable at the option of the players, if it is in the line of play and poses a danger.... [Golfer] was injured because [his partner] hooked his shot and struck a removable obstacle, which was not in the line of play and had not been removed....Accordingly, golf course had no duty to protect [golfer] from the inherent risk of being hit by an errant shot, and the primary assumption of risk doctrine bars [injured golfer's] action.

And even more recently in Lyons v. City of Los Angeles (2001 Cal. App. Unpub, LEXIS 1850), the appellate court dealt with a rather strange occurrence on the golf course using the principles set forth in American Golf. Lyons, a scratch golfer and a twice a week regular at the Rancho Park Golf Course, a course owned by the City of Los Angeles and considered one of the busiest courses in the nation, apparently anxious to commence her round, teed off in advance of her scheduled tee time with only one other player, even though she knew that starters at this course seldom if ever permitted less than three golfers to commence a round and that a twosome would be completed with persons from the waiting list.

The twosome that was to join her, upon arriving at the tee were told by other golfers waiting to play that the other two players in their group had just teed off. Consequently, the remaining twosome immediately teed off, and, of course, Lyons some one hundred yards down the fairway behind a tree got hit and severely injured by a hooked tee shot from the catching up twosome, even though "fore" was yelled by several persons.

Lyon attempted to circumvent the primary assumption of risk defense utilized by the golf course, by claiming that the golf course had created risks beyond the inherent risks in the sport of golf by failing to have a greeter at the first tee to regulate play. And apparently, Rancho Park Golf Course usually had a greeter at the first tee in addition to the starter located in a booth some 75 yards from the first tee.

The court, however, in upholding the grant of summary judgment in favor of the City of Los Angeles at trial, stated,

She claims the absence of a greeter increased her risk. On the contrary, Lyons was playing at a course she played often, where foursomes were the norm. When she teed off, there was a threesome in front of her and [other golfer in her group] and a foursome behind them. Her tee time was at 6:12am. The evidence shows she teed off early. Her assertion that she was simply obeying course rules concerning pace of play misses the point. She made the decision to tee off. If, as her testimony suggests, there was, as there should have been, a question in her mind about the propriety of teeing off as a twosome, the starter's window was 75 yards away. She did not check with the starter. Accordingly, when she teed off, she fully assumed the risk of teeing off early, knowing her start time had not arrived, At that point, there was distinct possibility, if not probability, that her foursome, or at least a threesome, would subsequently be completed.

Is the golfer or the course liable for golfer's errant shot striking a person in the backyard of a house adjacent to the golf course?

In Hernandez v. Ong (2002 Cal App. Unpub LEXIS 3633) decided in February, 2002, the court absolved both the golfer and the golf course for such injury. The court essentially finds that a person living in a course adjacent house is to be treated like a spectator at a sporting event, i.e., as a participant in the sport subjecting himself to "certain risks necessarily and usually incident to and inherent in the game." The court states,

We also conclude the assumption of risk doctrine as applied to spectators at a sporting event also applies to those who occupy houses adjacent to existing golf courses...Although not a spectator of the golf being played, one who moves into a house that is adjacent to an existing golf course chooses, as a spectator does, to participate in the benefits of the golf courses' pastoral setting and accepts the inherent dangers of such participation. So long as the course has been designed and maintained as a reasonably safe golf course consistent with the risks inherent in the sport, the course will have no liability to an adjacent homeowner. Similarly, if the resident of a golf course adjacent house is viewed as a participant in the sport, then the golfer hitting the errant ball is free from liability, as mishit golf shots are an inherent part of the sport.
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In response to: Help! A golf ball hit my house!

HappyGilmore [Visitor]
Golfers will hit poor shots. Period.
Homes in a golfing community will get hit. Period.

Solution: It's only apt if insurance is included in the green fees.
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In response to: A new low for high gas prices: Orlando Airport-area station sneaks $5.79 gas into tourist tanks

Theodore Smith [Visitor]
Fortunately the gas prices were reasonable when I was in Orlando. I drove to Fort Myers and played a few rounds at Colonial Country Club and I was impressed. The course was in immaculate condition, and the green fees were quite reasonable, especially after comparing them to other courses in the area on the website. I played with players of different skill levels and the variety of tee boxes made it enjoyable for each player. I would suggest to golfers in the area to try it.
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In response to: First the groove rule, now long putters are under attack? It's drivers, course setup and golf balls, silly

Rick Johnson [Visitor]
Dial back the COR to .800 and limit driver head size to 400cc
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In response to: How do you actually convince golfers to 'Tee it Forward'? You could charge by the tee box

john g [Visitor]
Still, seems most strokes are lost within 100 yds. of the hole. (most people consumed with everything but working on their short game!) So long as 'you're' not knocking it down from the blue tees, or a 100plus golfer, I'm find with the people playing back.
Moving up essentially leaves the long irons in the bag most of the time, or parks the driver in the bag.
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In response to: Michigan's Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club knows how to treat the ladies

Ping Golf [Visitor]
Golf Courses are built around these communities to have high quality, up to a world-class, perfectly groomed green, picturesque landscapes and magnificent views. Casual and avid golfers will enjoy living within walking distance of these courses and work with the game on a regular basis. Set roots in a community and pull out the membership of one or more related courses is a great way to combine his passion for golf in a beautiful place of residence.
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In response to: Who is the best architect in golf travel? It's hardly an easy choice

Susie [Visitor]
Good stuff Brandon!
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In response to: Michigan's Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club knows how to treat the ladies

Sandra Parkhurst [Visitor]
Arcadia Bluffs is gorgeous! Had my rehearsal dinner there actually. High above Lake Michigan, amazing sunsets, friendly people, beautiful clubhouse, delicious food, excellent guest service and a challenging course! Highly recommended. A Northern Michigan Summer is hard to beat!
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In response to: Who is the best architect in golf travel? It's hardly an easy choice

My Golf Concierge [Visitor]
My favorite line of this post: "Or, does the name even matter? Just keep the greens smooth and the beer cart girl chipper." :)

Good post, interesting topic!

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In response to: A new low for high gas prices: Orlando Airport-area station sneaks $5.79 gas into tourist tanks

jim [Visitor]
we did the same thing aug. 6 got lucky my credit card was rejected than i noticed the 5.89 thought i was seeing things went across the street also what a crock of b.s. owner should be deported or thrown in jail had to look this story up to show family in ohio they didn't believe me just unreakl!!!!!!!!
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In response to: Which course architect deserves to build Brazil's Olympic golf venue?

cheap android tablet [Visitor]
Good post. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.
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In response to: 48 hours in Bend, Oregon: Pronghorn golf, mountain biking and microbrews

New York Artificial Turf [Visitor]
omg! the view, the trail, the bunkers! Sounds like the perfect weekend
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In response to: Slow play solution: keep out the riff-raff with golf's version of 'adult swim'

B. Dover [Visitor]
Course management does not want to alienate paying customers. Period.

By not advancing 4 slow players, 32 players behind them may be left with the decision to return to this 5 hour course or try somewhere else.
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In response to: Michigan's Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club knows how to treat the ladies

Sara Bauer [Visitor]
Whoa Brandon! Arcadia Bluffs may know how to treat women, but how are you doing? I find your statement " I wouldn’t have thought this long, hilly course with some severe bunkers would be an ideal play for women" a little offensive. Why would you lump all women into a category like that? Why not say, "high handicappers" or "shorter hitters"? I play golf regulary with low handicap women who hit the ball long and can even handle severe bunkers and hills.
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