Lone Star State is big enough for both new and old Valero Texas Open hosts: Westin La Cantera and TPC San Antonio

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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- That big, 1,001-room hotel that sits behind the 16th green was quite the As the TPC San Antonio and JW Marriott opened up last year, it meant the Westin la Cantera had to step aside to make room at the top. I just wrote a fe… more »

Sharp, crisp clothes=bad news for MNF

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A funny thing happened to me while I was watching Monday Night Football this week and doing some long-overdue ironing: my shirts were coming out crisp and smooth. My khakis never had straighter creases in them. The reason? Monday Night Football had yet a… more »

2005: A Tiger's Odyssey

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Winning anything in December, whether it be a bowl game or golf tournament, is meaningless in a sports writer or historian's book. Competing in the winter is like catching up on homework over winter break. Of course it helps, but shouldn't you be out bui… more »

Charge golfers by the hour?

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A one-seater golf cart? According to Tim McDonald's recent piece, the wheels are in motion. Now, pardon me for being a little conservative again (see: cell phone blog), but as much as I'm for squeezing in a round of golf in the time it takes to play norm… more »

Rap and golf: 100 degrees of separation

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Friday night left me searching for answers. Not because all-night happy hour left me clueless as to what I did with my belt and debit card, but how my Detroit Pistons, the "class act" of the league, let this debacle happen in their Palace. . .and how I c… more »

World Golf Rankings vs. BCS

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The BCS is at it again, with a computer producing inconclusive results and a lot of angry sports media. And you know what? Maybe the World Golf Rankings could learn a thing or two. When Vijay Singh took over Tiger's post as the golf world's #1, where w… more »

Help! A golf ball hit my house!

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Believe it or not, some residents of a golf community actually think it's YOUR fault when your drive strikes their humble abode lying just 20 yards right of the fairway. A few weekends ago I was visiting some friends in town for business in Jacksonvill… more »

Cell Phones on the course ruin what golf is all about

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just don’t get it. Golf is one of the few getaways of the modern, tech world, where we can lose ourselves for four hours. We can forget the troubles of paychecks, girlfriends, and bosses and replace them with more acceptable troubles of sand, trees, an… more »

TO's dance entertaining, but it won't make him a legend

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Terrell Owens has made headlines of his own despite helping the Eagles to an undefeated record and yet another year of hope for the city of gridiron heartache. So how on earth could one man's end zone dance and whiny comments send the only undefeated tea… more »