Lone Star State is big enough for both new and old Valero Texas Open hosts: Westin La Cantera and TPC San Antonio

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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- That big, 1,001-room hotel that sits behind the 16th green was quite the As the TPC San Antonio and JW Marriott opened up last year, it meant the Westin la Cantera had to step aside to make room at the top. I just wrote a fe… more »

compulsive club-buying is our gain

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I think everyone who can afford to blow the kind of money you can feed 500 african refugees for a year on some sweet sticks should do so. It doesn't bug me when I see a hack roll up to the tee with some new Taylor Made woods, Ping Irons and Scotty Ca… more »

Questions for Pacer's Jeff Foster and TG's Baldwin

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Chris, I'd like to know why you golf in the first place? In the past few weeks, you've revealed you'd rather go under the knife than under the microscope with a pro. And now you say you'd rather find your shanked 7-iron in the middle of the fairway… more »

hole in 1!

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I feel bad about it, but not enough to pay the bar tab. . .Jennifer's blind shot eagle reminds me of a little prank me and some buddies pulled a few years back. There's a hole at our home course that is 250-yard par 4 dogleg left. If you hook you… more »

A tribute to your club pro

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Golf pros aren't scam artists. I would define a scam artist as someone who is trying to profit through manipulation. . .i.e. Bank of America, who send me five times more offers for "free" life insurance, "free" credit cards and "free" magazine offers t… more »

Course conditions and discounts

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With all this talk about course conditions and getting taken for a ride, why don't courses offer discounts when they stuff a bunch of holes in their greens, making putting virtually impossible? I played a round today where it looked like my ball was po… more »

No Ma'am! A tradition unlike any other

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"A tradition unlike any other." This isn't just the family motto whenever Uncle Gerry hogs the water closet after his Friday night Chilicheesechimichungas. It's also a phrase Jim Nantz has been brainwashed with and has declared in a gazillion CBS promos… more »

Not sure about Kiel and Chris. . .but Spartan's Izzo right on the money

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Disclaimer: I told myself I'd never get involved in a quarrel between two former MSU students. . .Don't even know if they'll have time to read this between couch burnings and tear-gassings after Saturday night. That said, I thought I'd chime in on payi… more »

Sights and views from across the pond

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I just returned from my maiden voyage across the pond to Spain and Italy where asking for free refills is a stupid question and there's few police patrolling the streets but plenty of ambulances. A few notes. . . Delta Delta Delta. . .: Despite being… more »

Golf and rap music: Tiger falls off Billboard

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Anyone wanna talk more rap music and golf? A brief stop watching some music videos this evening got me to thinking about Tiger's fall from being a common reference in rap songs. Think about it, when he first burst on the scene, Puffy was making video… more »

First round of the year -- always ugly

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Had my first round of 2005 this past weekend. As a native of Michigan, playing in 70-degree Florida weather in mid-Feb was a blessing. But the first round is always ugly. The short game always goes first, too. By the back nine, all my chips were with m… more »

I pronounce this baby EVIL!

Fed up with my insistance to make light of anything my high school Latin instructor tried to teach me, whether it be passive periphrastics or "cum clauses" with a genitive deponent, he said to me: "You know in Sparta, once a child was found to be left-h… more »

A blog on the Superbowl??? BRILLIANT!!

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Super Bowl notes. . . Best commercial: The three CareerBuilder.com ads with the monkeys. Hits close to home with my job. . .I get those same looks of bewilderment the monkeys get whenever I pitch a story idea. Worst Commercial: At first I want to say… more »

Merchandise show in Orlando amazing. . .I think

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The Annual PGA Merchandise Show was held last week in Orlando. My invitation must have been lost in the mail though, no worries, guys. I can only wonder of the new products expected to infect--- I mean bless the golf market over the coming year. The… more »

A mid-summer golf round with Tom Brady - NFL's "Goldenboy"

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Tom Brady is once again dumbfoundingly, quietly having a better year than Peyton Manning, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, EVERYONE! Tommy is the best QB in the NFL hands down. And he's also the only NFL player, make that remotely famous person (not cou… more »

I miss Chi-Chi. . .and showboating

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When's the last time you saw a raging bull slain on the green in a PGA tournament? Chi-Chi Rodriguez come back! Golf needs your art of "showboating"! Frankly, we need more showboaters out there. A simple wave to the crowd, or if the golfer is feeling a… more »