Lone Star State is big enough for both new and old Valero Texas Open hosts: Westin La Cantera and TPC San Antonio

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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- That big, 1,001-room hotel that sits behind the 16th green was quite the As the TPC San Antonio and JW Marriott opened up last year, it meant the Westin la Cantera had to step aside to make room at the top. I just wrote a fe… more »

So much for the legend of the 8th: Immelman aces it in US Open practice round

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OAKMONT, Pa. - "It's how long???" That was the buzz over the last few months as reports out of Oakmont Country Club detailed the length of the par-3 8th stretching to 288 yards to the center. At the US Open this week, the hole is drawing large cro… more »

US Open greens at Oakmont "make Augusta National look ordinary"

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OAKMONT, Pa. - Extra attention is always paid to how high and thick the rough is at the US Open, especially after it has all but erased Phil Mickelson's name from being a force this week. High rough is one of the event's signatures. But this year, pl… more »

Shanty Creek Resorts well on the road to recovery in northern Michigan

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A few years ago, it was a foregone conclusion the struggling Shanty Creek Resort in Bellaire would close. There is an article on MichiganGolf.com from 2004 that starts nailing the coffin. But having visited Shanty Creek Resorts this week (they've add… more »

The Irish course at Whistling Straits: more player-friendly and you can play for free

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Golfers hear the name "Whistling Straits" and immediately recall the 2004 PGA Championship and the upcoming Senior U.S. Open this July. But the Straits course is only half the fun here. There's it's near-equal little brother, the Irish course, which give… more »

A tale of two Nike phenoms: Lebron James lives up to expectations while Wie fails

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Nike bets on teenaged athletes much like we might wager on greyhounds at the dog track. It can be pretty speculative, especially when talent scouts are snooping around inner-city middle-schoolers. But the dividends pay off mightily when you put your chip… more »

What does Michelle Wie exemption say about John Deere tractors?

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When I see John Deere commercials, it's usually emphasizing the tradition and quality of their line of yard equipment and tractors. What does giving Michelle Wie a sponsor's exemption have to do with promoting John Deere tractors? I could see Wie bei… more »

Say what you want about Finchem, NBA dictator David Stern is much worse

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Recent controversy surrounding the Tour's decision to let Phil Mickelson play in the Byron Nelson Championship despite missing the Pro-Am due to weather had a lot of players grumbling. But Tour commissioner Tim Finchem and his boys stepped in and let… more »

Mickelson praises O'Hair's guts on the 17th at the Players

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Of course Lefty is going to praise a fellow golfer for his bold shot in the closing moments of a big tournament. A very chipper Phil Mickelson was on one of my favorite shows, Pardon the Interruption this afternoon on ESPN. Fresh of his Players'… more »

Sabbatini's comments about Tiger Woods show even the pros get overconfident

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I'm all for a little jive talk on tour. I don't think what Rory Sabbatini said about Tiger Woods Thursday at The Players Championship was out of line. The PGA needs more squabbling and Sabbatini filled the void. It was of course, indisputably prematu… more »

Some Scotland and Ireland links make you feel "good to be alive"

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In reading up on some links golf courses, I came across this quote from the late English golf writer Peter Dobereiner speaking about Royal County Down. "The essence of golf is to say that it enhances the feeling that it is good to be alive. That's th… more »

Tadd Fujikawa only has 176 friends on MySpace!

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The time is now to become Tadd Fujikawa's friend before the entire internet community wants a piece of his MySpace. Tadd only has 176 friends. To put things in perspective, Tiger Woods has 5,628 friends. Paris Hilton has 171,031. Clearly Tiger isn't… more »

Unlike Tiger, Mayweather and D.C. Madame can't deliver the goods

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Saturday night's big fight, Oscar De La Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. left me as confused and disappointed as when I'm walking out of a Michael Bay-directed Hollywood blockbuster. Millions of us were duped into watching an uneventful split decision,… more »

Kentucky Derby & De la Hoya v. Mayweather: at least golf hasn't become this irrelevant

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ESPN and Sports Illustrated are among the media outlets wondering if De la Hoya v. Mayweather can bring boxing back to the mainstream. Why should it come back? Boxing is a barbaric sport for the Middle Ages that screwed itself over after plenty of st… more »

Fat kids caddie camp: the solution to obesity and high looper fees

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In the tech-dependent world we've created, I'm surprised we're not ALL blubbery whales. The only reason I'm not 300 pounds is because I never get away from my computer more than five minutes to stuff two slices of Wonderbread down my pie hole. I have to… more »

New Pro Women's Victory Golf Tour? Yeah, that won't fail...

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Anyone hear about this new Pro Women's Victory Tour that was unveiled yesterday in Orlando? It will offer purses bigger than the current Futures Tour, starting with $100K next year. It's purpose will be to accommodate the growing number of female pro… more »