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How do you cope with jet lag in Scotland? You could have Royal Dornoch all to yourself at sunrise

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DORNOCH, SCOTLAND -- I'm spectacularly horrible at adjusting to time trans-Atlantic zone changes, especially when I'm sitting back with the riff-raff in coach on the way across the Atlantic. So, no surprise to me, I couldn't get more than about two h… more »

Returning to the links of Scotland for a third time: Golf from Highlands to Fife

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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- After teeing up on the sun soaked fairways beside emerald water in the Dominican Republic, I'm off to Scotland, where the sea is dark and my bermuda shorts need not make the trip. I'd be lying if I said I didn't favor the latter… more »

Want to buy a remote Scotland resort? Historic Machrie Hotel & Golf Links for sale

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U.K. news outlets are reporting that Machrie Hotel and Golf Links, on the Hebridan Island of Islay, has been put under "administration" and is currently looking for a new owner. The reports say 15 of 18 employees have been laid off, so it's hard to belie… more »