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Lone Star State is big enough for both new and old Valero Texas Open hosts: Westin La Cantera and TPC San Antonio

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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- That big, 1,001-room hotel that sits behind the 16th green was quite the As the TPC San Antonio and JW Marriott opened up last year, it meant the Westin la Cantera had to step aside to make room at the top. I just wrote a fe… more »

A 12-foot reason in favor of golf carts over walking

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There have been occasions during my time as a writer at where I have suggested that walking a golf course is a superior experience over riding. It's an argument that generally sparks passionate comments from each side. As of today, I am… more »

It was a good year for Michelle Wie (financially, at least)

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Forbes Magazine released its Top 20 Earners under 25 this week. Finishing 4th with an estimated $19 million in earnings from June 2006 thru June 2007 was 19-year-old Michelle Wie. She had an estimated $16 million in endorsements during this time.… more »

Planning a Myrtle Beach golf and bachelor party

1 feedback » reader Rick has written to us asking for advice on how to book a long weekend in Myrtle Beach for his bachelor party of twelve this February. Rick is looking for middle-range courses not too far from Myrtle Beach, because they would rat… more »

No Scotland? No Problem: Northern Ireland wants Trump's Golf Resort

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Donald Trump's proposed $2 billion resort is going to be built somewhere - if not in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Northern Ireland appears willing to fill the void, according to this story from the BBC. A representative from North Antrim in Northern… more »

Hon Min's Brookside Golf Course reader review has the memories pouring back!

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I'm always sure to check the reader reviews of golf courses on our network, looking to see if anyone's recently reviewed a course I've played in my travels. I use it as a sort of barometer really, ensuring that despite my lofty status a… more »

The United States of Varying Liquor Laws

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Is anyone else fascinated by how each State in the Union has their own interpretations of how to distribute liquor to its citizens in a responsible manner? I've been in Myrtle Beach about a year now trying to comprehend South Carolina's odd regulatio… more »

Myrtle Beach's best golf value is right now during the holidays

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Myrtle Beach has a dizzying tee time rate structure. Courses have up to a dozen different rates based on the time of year. But right now during the holidays is probably the best combination of price and weather. Tee time operators report the cour… more »

Golf won't be a sport at 2012 Olympic Games in London

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Perhaps golf is clean of performance-enhancing drugs after all. How else could you explain its failure to be made an official sport at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, it was recently voted down. Phil Mickelson is supporting Olympic golf as he tees… more »

An important day in Myrtle Beach history

It's hard to believe such a renowned landmark like the Dunes Golf & Beach Club could ever be in jeopardy of not making it.But believe it or not, its place as a forefather in what has become one of the biggest golf destinations in the world wasn't… more »

What is the world's hardest golf destination?

3 feedbacks »'s Chris Baldwin's recent newsletter on how Arizona desert golf is harder than just about everywhere else in America poses the question: What is the world's hardest golf destination? I have a hard time believing it's the Valley of the S… more »

Do you have the balls to bet against a woman like Janet Jones in golf?

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This Sunday afternoon on the High Stakes Golf Tour airing on ESPN, 20 players will be putting up $250,000 each in a two-man best ball tournament. 19 of the players are Y-Chromosomes. The one woman who thinks she has the cojones to beat these high… more »

David Leadbetter compares Michelle Wie's career to the Titanic?

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David Leadbetter is mouthing off "woulda coulda shouldas" to the press again regarding his phenom-turned-Titanic. That's in his words, by the way. After suggesting to the press that Michelle Wie shouldn't play mens tournaments earlier this summer… more »

Mike Weir uses Tiger Woods triumph to win Frys Open

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Sometimes all it takes is beating the world's most dominant golfer heads up to end a streak of 86 events without a title. Sure it's the "silly season", but Mike Weir is surely giddy over his performance over the last month - first beating Tiger Woods… more »

Silly season golf gets even sillier with High Stakes Golf Tour on ESPN

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Tiger's grilling brats with Roger Federer on his yacht somewhere between Gatorade endorsement mega-deals. Ernie Els is giving pre-game rugby pep talks apparently. Yep, it's about that time for golf's "silly season". There is one new addition this yea… more »

During your Charleston golf trip, watch the big game at Moe's

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When a friend of mine who lives in Charleston suggested we watch Thursday night college football at Moe's, I thought, "Why would we want to watch a football game at a southwestern grill?" Moe's Downtown Tavern isn't the chain restaurant you go to for… more »