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Lone Star State is big enough for both new and old Valero Texas Open hosts: Westin La Cantera and TPC San Antonio

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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- That big, 1,001-room hotel that sits behind the 16th green was quite the As the TPC San Antonio and JW Marriott opened up last year, it meant the Westin la Cantera had to step aside to make room at the top. I just wrote a fe… more »

How do you cope with jet lag in Scotland? You could have Royal Dornoch all to yourself at sunrise

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DORNOCH, SCOTLAND -- I'm spectacularly horrible at adjusting to time trans-Atlantic zone changes, especially when I'm sitting back with the riff-raff in coach on the way across the Atlantic. So, no surprise to me, I couldn't get more than about two h… more »

Returning to the links of Scotland for a third time: Golf from Highlands to Fife

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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- After teeing up on the sun soaked fairways beside emerald water in the Dominican Republic, I'm off to Scotland, where the sea is dark and my bermuda shorts need not make the trip. I'd be lying if I said I didn't favor the latter… more »

Golf and travel guru Larry Olmsted launches new blog at Forbes

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Regular contributor to our golf network, Larry Olmsted has joined up with the people at Forbes to launch a new travel blog. Most recently, he's been filing regular dispatches for our Golf Course Realty site. Larry tells it like it is, and I'm especia… more »

'Golf the Island' package a fitting introduction to Canada's Prince Edward Island

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Summertime is right around the corner, which means its time to point your golf bag north towards some of the world's great summer golf destinations. Prince Edward Island is one of the many fine golf hotspots in Canada. With May upon us, it's official… more »

Bacon-wrapped bananas to Corales Golf Course: First impressions in Dominican Republic

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PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- With 72 hours under my belt in the Domincan Republic, I wouldn't call myself an expert. But here are some observations after my maiden voyage. - Compared to some of the more Americanized Caribbean islands, Dominican… more »

A couple little victories for passengers in the air travel game

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The Airline Reporter is reporting a few new rules have been passed by the government in commercial air travelMy favorite rule is that now, if your checked bags don't show up when you do, your bag fee is refunded. Now that we're about two years into m… more »

Who is the best architect in golf travel? It's hardly an easy choice

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The best architect worth traveling for? That's a question with about two or three dozen possible answers. To see who Mike Bailey and I picked and why, click here for the Punch Shots article on Golf Channel. My pick was hardly a decisive one. I to… more »

Promoting pace of play: Angel Park in Las Vegas offers 'Speed Lane' morning tee times

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Angel Park Golf Club in Las Vegas is offering its early morning tee times to those who pledge to play 18 holes in a cool 3 hours, 45 minutes. With two 18-hole courses, one course will be set aside for the speed golf promotion and the other course will allow a more leisurely pace." more »

Near Traverse City, revived Lochenheath Golf Club set to reopen this spring in Michigan

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Whenever I'm in northern Michigan for golf, I keep hearing about an "oversupply" of golf courses. Yet, it seems like whenever a golf course's ownership folds, like King's Challenge turned Manitou Passage or True North, someone usually steps in to scoop i… more »

The five biggest snubs left off the new Golf Digest Top 100 Public Golf Courses ranking

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On Monday I pointed out ten observation and quibbles about the new Golf Digest 2011-2012 Top 100 Public Golf Course Rankings. Now I'm back with five courses you didn't see in the rankings that I think are more deserving than some of the courses that… more »

Golf Digest's new Top 100 Public Golf Courses rankings: Ten observations, quibbles

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I'm not a panelist anywhere, I just write a hundred or so course reviews a year: - Pinehurst No. 2 is 8th - though this must be their pre-renovation design. I'll be curious how far it creeps up as the media visit the course this year and next. Shadow… more »

A 'Hangover Sucks', especially when you're at the Masters: Are these lollies the cure?

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AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I came out on the short end of the gene pool lottery. Yes, I'm one of those guys who get bad hangovers. So when I was asked if I wanted to try out a new product that will cure hangovers called, creatively, Hangovers Suck, I jumped… more »

Get a foodie expert's guide on Tucson restaurants after golf

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I've had the pleasure of meeting golf, food & lifestyle writer Ken Van Vecthen a few times on my travels (He even makes a cameo, shooting some guns in this Sun Valley Resort video). While I probably wouldn't take a swing tip of his (sorry Ken), I… more »

Hidden River Golf & Casting Club joins the Boyne Resorts umbrella in northern Michigan

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Boyne Resorts have added a ninth golf course to their stable: Hidden River Golf & Casting Club in Brutus. Boyne, the big gorilla of Michigan golf resorts, features four-course Boyne Highlands Resort, as well as 27-hole Bay Harbor Golf Club, nearb… more »
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