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Comment from: Mike [Member] Email
That's not a bad idea, Brandon, but perhaps you shouldn't even give them the option to pay up to play back, if we're talking about speeding up play. Perhaps, golfers should have to produce a legitimate handicap card to get on the tips. If you're not below 6 or whatever the requirement is, you shouldn't play back there, period. Anybody who thinks they're good enough can try to establish the handicap. At most courses, at least half the players back there are double digit, and some are more than 20. Doesn't make any sense. Plus, you're right: In Scotland, back tees usually aren't even an option. But I have to disagree with you: Old Course from the member tees is plenty tough. The pot bunkers, greens complexes and other quirks are still there no matter what tees you play.
2011-05-26 @ 12:22
Comment from: New York Artificial Turf [Visitor]
It is hard enough for beginners to learn this crazy cool game, but now they add all these rules almost all the time... I hope this is one rule that helps make it easier... Thank you for the post
2011-06-06 @ 10:23
Comment from: Mike Reed [Visitor]
This year in our golf league, we allow players to play from "whichever tee box best fits their game". We usually play from the white tees and several players said they would rather play from the Blues. We decided to expand the idea and allow whichever box the players wanted. Everyone seems happy with the arrangement and there is less complaining. Thanks to "Tee it Forward" for endorsing the idea of drive distance for tee selection. I have said this for YEARS!!!
2011-06-22 @ 17:24
Comment from: john g [Visitor]
Still, seems most strokes are lost within 100 yds. of the hole. (most people consumed with everything but working on their short game!) So long as 'you're' not knocking it down from the blue tees, or a 100plus golfer, I'm find with the people playing back.
Moving up essentially leaves the long irons in the bag most of the time, or parks the driver in the bag.
2011-08-21 @ 16:51
Comment from: sanford c. (Sandy) milwit [Visitor] Email
I am an avid golfer, age 73, with current handicap of 15. I went to the senior tees when I became 70 because I simply wanted to reach more greens in regulation as well as to be more helpful to my teammates when we play in our weekly golf tournaments.

For the past year, I have been attempting to get our own golf board here at Palm Aire CC in Pompano Beach. Fl to fully understand the rationale of the PGA/USGA's Tee it Forward campaign.

I'm fairly certain they get it, but much more needs to be done with other golf clubs and tournament directors.

Just a few recent cases will explain why there is much more to be done to "sell" the T It Forward concept:

In the past several months, I have played in three charity golf tournaments where everyone was required to hit from the white tees (back tees) where so many of us have moved away from for the same reasons illustrated in the T it Forward campaign.

Why would one want to go back to the back tees after teeing it forward for the past several years? He or she is truly unable to participate to the degree that they did from teeing it forward. It also does not permit one to use his or her t shots unless the long hitters on his/her team is out of bounds, etc.

Lastly, I can understand the problem in these charity events when it comes to specialty holes where one can win a car for a hole in one , or win an expensive vacation in some exotic island, etc.. Perhaps, on those "specialty"holes, those who normally hit from the senior (forward) tees, could be made to hit a little further back, but that should be the only concession I would consider making.

I commend those who are promoting the Tee if Forward campaign; however, much more needs to be done to "sell" the concept to clubs across the country, including adopting it in their various tournaments , golf outings and member-guest tournaments.


Sanford C. (Sandy) Milwit , Board Member Palm Aire Men's Golf Association (PAMGA) Pompano Beach , Fl
2013-03-28 @ 08:10

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