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Comment from: Mike C [Visitor] Email
What a ridiculous post. When you go to Columbus OH do you whine about how it's not enough like Cincinnati? When you're in Orlando do you complain that it could use some more pastels so it could be more like Miami? This is absurd. Reno is a city all to itself with a multitude of benefits that are obviously beyond the ken of Brandon Tucker. And Reno has absolutely no desire to be like Las Vegas. If you want Vegas, go to Vegas. Oh and by the way, Reno is as close to the Napa Valley as Vegas is to the Grand Canyon.
2010-06-08 @ 13:26
Comment from: Gordon Parks [Visitor] Email
Give me Edgewood Tahoe over Lost Wages anyday. I love going to Reno, then to the lake and then north into California. Beautiful. Has Las Vegas beat by miles.
2010-06-08 @ 15:19

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