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Have you played more golf in the last 18 months than President Barack Obama?

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President Barack Obama has reportedly played 39 rounds of golf since his presidency began. So considering the Commander in Chief probably has a lot on his plate (though he can probably always find a babysitter), if you're a golfer, you have no excuse… more »

Happy hour golf: pay the twilight rate at Kauai's Puakea with 'It's 2 O'Clock somewhere" deal

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Here's one of the more creative promotions that has come across my desk recently - and it's also a great value to golfers - at least those on America's mainland. Puakea Golf Course on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai is offering an "It's 2 O'Clock Somewh… more »

Just how tough is a golf course like U.S. Open's Pebble Beach? It's all in the setup

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When we were compiling the list, no panelist even name-dropped Pebble Beach, though Monterey's Bayonet at Bayonet/Blackhorse did come up not only from panelists but other golf media as well. While I haven't been to Monterey yet, few who have tell me it a… more »

Salute McDowell's U.S. Open win with a links golf trip to Portrush, Northern Ireland

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The weekend's final pairing at the U.S. Open of Dustin Johnson and Graeme McDowell featured two upcoming players from two very good golf destinations. Johnson of course, is from Myrtle Beach. McDowell hails from Portrush, a can't-miss stop on your No… more »

Is your golf travel game ready for America's toughest twenty?

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Few golfers ever travel to play easy courses, but are you willing to tee it up at one of the toughest? A panel of golf writers and I have come up with twenty golf courses that standout as the toughest you can play - and they're all in top destination… more »

A modest tip of the cap to Tony Romo and the Edgewood Tahoe golfing celebs - plus Truckee mountain golf

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I normally don't end a day with more respect for celebrities than when it began. That said, I have a little more respect for some celeb's golf games having finally experienced American Century Celebrity Classic host Edgewood Tahoe Golf Club yesterday.… more »

Ten waking hours in Reno - and golf at Montreux

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MINDEN, NV -- I never thought I'd dateline "Minden, NV" in my career, but there's a first for everything. Currently I find myself in this tiny Carson Valley town (there's a couple fast food joints and a that's a gateway to the High Sierras and Lake Tahoe… more »

Summertime in Orlando: the ideal time for an 'Unlimited Golf Package' - just hear me out

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I just returned last night from a week in Orlando playing a ton of golf, despite summer temperatures creeping into the 90s. I even had a couple 36-hole days thrown into the mix. Crazy? I don't think so. In fact, playing golf till you drop in the Flor… more »