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Comment from: Scott Bauer [Visitor]
What a great study. I used to caddy for a player whose pre-tournament warm-up routine on the range included pretending to play several holes on the course. Obviously not the putting, but hitting specific shots and clubs as if she were playing the hole. Now, I know why she was competing and I was caddying!

The rest of your advice makes sense too. Aim at different targets during your practice session. I hope there will be more studies that can help us practice even better. I've always been one to play games with myself to make practice more like competition, but I don't really know if that's better than some other method and would love to see more studies in this area.
03/16/10 @ 05:53
Comment from: Helen Eschenbacher [Visitor] Email
I've been playing golf since 1958 (Okay I'm 61!) when my cousin Dow Finsterwald taught me how to practice. I'm a three time state champion (remember persimmon clubs? I didn't think so...) and Dow taught me to ALWAYS aim when I practice. and I picked up myn own balls...no money for driving ranges...so you learn NOT to spray them and keep them in a tight circle...easier to pick up. Dow was cheap. Then I watched Jack N. as he hit his 1000 practice balls a day. Same thing.
It has always surprised me that people spend more time on the course shooting 80 over par and never practicing at all. Even when I am playing a practice round we play bump-and-run behind the tee box while waiting for the foursome ahead. We played a lot of bump and run when it takes 80 plus par golfers 6-7 hours to play a round.
I know that golf courses have always taken anyone if they could afford green fees (well most courses) but I always wanted to see golf require a card to even play that showed you understood AND practiced etiquette, understood the rules (basic) and hit a ball at least 50 yds. Too much to dream. Hey Tiger couldn't even get that card!
Speaking of Tigger....one thing that never gets mentioned much is his spitting. I don't mean spitting, I mean "hawking up a loogie" with great verve and sound and landing it anywhere. I was volunteering at the Mercedes championship (when Tiger used to play without getting a $3 million apparance fee), and I was holding up a "Quiet" sign on the first hole at the Plantation on Maui and he spit this huge glob on my leg three feet away. He and Steve Williams snickered like a couple of six year olds. I was furious. I was 100% disabled yet I was giving up my time as all volunters do for the good of the game, I leaned over and told "Tigger" quietly for him and Steve to go f...themselves.
Maybe it's true. Maybe that's why Steve avows no knowledge of Tigger's sexcapades. It doesn't take my MD to understand that Tigger must hate women and especially despise his wife and children to treat them the way he does.
And Mr. Tucker why do people (men) treat Tiger like a king in their comments when you make a negative criticism of him. Envy I guess.

One more thing about being a state women's champ in the mid-west, even AFTER I won I still couldn't make a tee time or play on most male-dominated (all) golf courses. And when I did get on usually with my cuz, Dow, the other two guys would walk off after my 250 yd drive or the first time I hit a wedge and backed it up. walked off!! and they would be cursing "shouldn't let these broads (?) play the game." A 6 foot tall skinny nineteen year old is a "broad?"
I would have liked to have turned pro but I didn't come from a rich family and I had to go to work. But I always was able to play with a group of guys who admired my game and I had one helckuva good time...which also improved my game because they always made me hit from the blue tees. always. So by the time I went to a tournament I would say, "You're going to let me hit from up here???" So that's what the red tees are for! (Besides the "Wichita Penalty.)
I do enjoy your columns. You are one of the few "good guys."

Hey I did beat Michelle Wie in her "salad days" of 13 years old before I was hit by a car and became disabled. (She didn't know any rules then either and BJ kept walking over my path and talking when I was hitting. It didn't matter, I still beat her soundly...because I had great course management which to her meant lawn-mowing skills.)
I cried when I gave my Taylor-Mades away. Men's length stiff shaft and 100 compression balls my whole life!

Thanks for all you write. I enjoy great writing!
04/11/10 @ 20:50
Comment from: Leveling Guide [Visitor]
Love the blog here. Nice colors. I am definitely staying tuned to this one. Hope to see more.
01/06/11 @ 20:49

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