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Comment from: 59Dodge [Visitor] Email
They outta busticate your freakin keyboard.
Don't you ever listen to weather forecast ?
I've been watching this tournament since its days as the "Crosby Clambake" and it has been rained out few times.
Your assertion that the weather is better in Wisconsin, this time of year than it is in Monterey is just plain Idiotic, very few people in ANY part of the US would gladly trade for the Winter Weather of Monterey.
It is sad to see such misinformation, and I sure hope you are a pretty well unknown "Journalist" and with this kind of "Poppycock" you will stay that way (Unknown). If per chance you do have a day job by all means keep it!!!

2010-02-11 @ 17:17
Comment from: 59Dodge [Visitor] Email
I got so mad, I didn't type any more factual than Brandon did
"very few people in ANY part of the US would gladly trade for the Winter Weather of Monterey."

Should have left off "very few" ackkkkk this gobbledegook writing is contageous--I'm OUTTA HERE

2010-02-11 @ 17:22
Comment from: Seizo [Visitor] Email
Regardless of the weather the pros should play in whatever the conditions are. But the forecast is awesome so no wrries there this week.
2010-02-12 @ 06:44
Comment from: 59Dodge [Visitor] Email
You are correct Seizo. Tiger did not play in some of these Calif Tournaments, but I never recall him crying about the weather. I would like to be a "Stricker Fan" but he decresed his chances of winning the Fed X cup, along with disappointing a lot of his Fans. He was already in Calif due to last week's tournament.
I think I will become a "Johnson Fan" alto I would still like to see Phil do better. As for Stricker---Hey Buddy---at least watch the weather forecasts by "Qualified Forecasters"!!!!

2010-02-12 @ 08:57

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