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Comment from: John D [Visitor]
I wouldn't say Tigger Proof...But, rather BUBBA proof. Bubba Watson hits the ball further. And since St Andrews moved the tee BACK 35 yards....it appears they are guarding against the longest hitter.
2009-10-19 @ 07:30
Comment from: Tom M. [Visitor] Email
The R&A isn't really telling the truth here. In their press release they say that the hole has been the same length for over a hundred years, but they conveniently leave out the fact that it was played as a PAR 5 until 1964!!! Changing to a par 4 effectively lengthened the hole dramatically. They are being purposely deceptive to push their agenda.
2009-10-22 @ 01:46
Comment from: joe cool [Visitor] Email
With the modern golf equipment, the pros are hitting 3 woods 300 yards. In 1964 there was probably just a handful of pros that could hit their driver 300 yards. It will not be long before we have the first 8000 yard course.
2009-10-22 @ 22:00
Comment from: Bill Hogan [Visitor] Email
Moving tees back 35 yards does not "Tiger proof" a hole. Quite the contrary, it plays right into his hands and the hands of the other long PGA Tour hitters. Dustin Johnson, Bubba, Tiger and other long hitters will have a much easier time navigating this hole than shorter, precision players. Luckily, this tee will never be in play for visitors to St Andrews, because it will severely slow up play as the shot will almost cross the 16th green.
2009-11-12 @ 09:44

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