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Comment from: Orlando Golf Blogger [Visitor] Email
A lone fisherman stands in the way of Donald Trump. That's pretty awesome. You think he'll sell if the price is right? I know Scots can be pretty stubborn, but I'm of the mindset that most people have a price.
11/25/08 @ 16:53
Comment from: Jelle [Visitor] Email
I would like to point out the unemployment rate in Aberdeenshire. On the website of the NESER (North East Scotland Economic Research:http://www.neser.org.uk/datasheet.cfm?datasheetid=58 ) you will find that Aberdeenshire had in April 2008 the lowest unemployment rate of Scotland's 32 local authority areas with 0.8%. If Trump wanted to justify this project by its benefits to the economy he should have focused on other areas of Scotland. Also, I do not share your disregard for the environmental importance of areas protected by their SSSI status. This status highlights the scientific importance of this "rugged dunes land" as a zone of natural conservation. I find it incredible that you fail to see beyond the appeal of a new golf course. You will find that there are no less than 11 golf courses in Aberdeenshire alone and 556 registered golf courses in the whole of Scotland. Perhaps you could also show more respect for a "lone fisherman"'s dedication to the protection of the land and community. Mike Forbes has lived in Balmedie for over 40 years. We do not need a major golf transformation in Scotland but a new way of looking at our environment and tourism. I do hope you realize that Mike Forbes is not alone in his opposition to Trump and that many share his view.
12/29/08 @ 14:07
Comment from: andrew ingram [Visitor] Email
In the 1930's my father spent many a day playing on those links having cycled out from Aberdeen and even then
there was a nature warden - if the natural value of the area was worth a man's wages then what is it worth now?
Trump's project is an American folly that can only deny
today's young Aberdonian a simple,wholesome outlet for his energies that was freely available to his counterpart of the 20th century. Progress or what?
01/04/09 @ 22:09
Comment from: teresa canale [Visitor] Email
could donald please help blind craft in aberdeen it has had to close because of council cutbacks i,m sure he would be pleased to give something back to the city and help these people who have worked so hard with their diability and have lost their income.
11/16/09 @ 18:51

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