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Comment from: Alex B. [Visitor] Email
Watching american footbal in Europe rocks. Number one reason is the time zone difference, games would be late at night so most of the stations that air them live would air them second day in a stripped down format without all the pauses and such. Watching a game play after play, with all dead times stripped down and without commercials after each play (which is forbidden by EU legislation) rocks.

Even watching live is somehow better than in the US. You'd get some commercials at half time and maybe some commercials between quarters but most of the times US sees commercials, Europe gets scoreboards with the other games and it's easy to follow what happens in other fields.

Now... playing games in London - that's kind of stupid in my opinion. You don't get public interest in a sport just by one event. Maybe making the fscking free online match available to people outside US would get more than playing in London. But nooo, NFL thinks that being able to watch a free game per week get more viewers from a country that can watch the game on TV anyway than from the rest of the world.
10/28/08 @ 04:00
Comment from: Declan [Visitor] Email
The problem is that NFL is really a minority sport outside of North America. It really is a marketing exercise. If NFL meant anything outside of its real fan base then we would have had an NFL Europe but that folded.
10/28/08 @ 13:58
Comment from: Dave [Visitor]
NFL is tops
10/28/08 @ 21:59
Comment from: Jeremy [Visitor]
Pity the British are rubbish at golf, soccer and rugby...
10/29/08 @ 17:43

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