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NFL should stay out of Wembley: United Kingdom is golf, soccer and rugby country

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In the roughly eight weeks of my life I've spent in Great Britain & Ireland, not one observation or conversation has led me to believe the NFL could ever be successful there. Yet here the NFL is on Sunday, storming into London's Wembley Stadium.… more »

It's official: the Scots can't golf

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Hey, don't look at me, look at the latest edition of the World Golf Ranking. For the first time in it's 22-year history, a Scottish golfer is not on the list after Alistair Forsythe slipped from 98th to 102nd. Colin Montgomerie has slipped down to 11… more »

Full disclosure: Ann Arbor native pens feature on Columbus and Ohio State golf and football

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Debuting on this week is our newest installment of On Campus: Ohio State and Columbus. As the byline indicates, I wrote it. But what the story doesn’t disclose, and what I must tell you now, is that I spent the first 18… more »

What's with public universities keeping their golf clubs private?

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We're thick into the middle of college football season and's On Campus series, where we highlight a different big game and that town's golf every week. But I'm noticing an alarming trend: many public university's golf clubs are closed… more »

Golf travel in Europe regret: not spending enough time in Hamburg, Germany

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Debuting this week on is my feature on Hamburg, Germany, written based off a trip I took to the northern region earlier this summer (click here for a previous column on golf in the region). You may notice the article is not epically lo… more »

Travel advice: looking for great golf & nightlife in one destination

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As I'm sure is the case with most of my colleagues, I often receive emails and IMs from friends asking for golf trip advice. I may as well share my answers with everyone since what I'd tell my aunt is the same I'd tell you. So now a buddy of mine… more »

Princeville's Makai Course on Kauai goes under the knife; could become one of America's best resort courses

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There is a golf course renovation just underway that I'm greatly interested in: The Makai Course at the Princeville Resort on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. Princeville is most famously known for it's demanding Prince Course, widely regarded as one of… more »

Stocks in the red? Myrtle Beach's best value season for golf is around the corner

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If you're like me, your portfolio is seeing more red these days than a slasher film. And if you watch business channels for a half hour a day like me, chances are you're so freaked out you're cutting your budget left and right: Toothpaste is for the… more »

2008 was a good year for Sergio Garcia

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The demise of Sergio Garcia has been greatly exaggerated! I've been crunching some numbers for 2008, and it's shaping out to be the best - if not the most painful - year of his career. While Sergio sips his sangria somewhere in the south of Spain, I… more »