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Comment from: WP Newton [Visitor] Email
Amen to that. I screamed at the TV several times about how long it was taking Immelman (Woods also) to hit their shots. I know it was windy but you gotta hit the ball sometime!

Not too much drama on this Sunday at the Masters.
04/13/08 @ 19:47
Comment from: vk [Visitor]
'Tiger Woods, who has complained about slow play recently, should make a statement about it.'

LOL at that.
04/13/08 @ 23:28
Comment from: Bridget [Visitor] Email
The Masters is so yesterday. Now it's all about the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
04/14/08 @ 02:36
Comment from: SPORT FANATIC [Visitor] Email
To whom it may concern.

I would like to ask te writer of this article would he have written the same if it was Tiger Woodswho have won?

In my view he would not have written the same because then his favourite would have won.

I honestly think that the blame cannot be laid at Trevor's feet.

He played a great game of golf and was the worthy winner.

You go BOYTJIE!!!!!!!!!

04/14/08 @ 03:52
Comment from: Proud South African [Visitor] Email
Here here!!!!

Well done Trevor...

If he was a little slow, it was great, because it made the greatest moment in South African golf in 30 yrs last that little bit longer.

In any case, he is allowed a few extra seconds per shot because he played fewer than the rest of the guys out there... LOL!

Not to mention his phenomenal recovery from major surgery!

Get over it... we have our Champion!

Go Trevor jou Doring!

04/14/08 @ 06:36
Comment from: mac [Visitor] Email
Spot on Sport Fanatic! Who is Tiger Woods? He may be the best in the world, but he is getting more and more arrogant these days. And why not he is half American....

I will support any non-american that plays against Tiger in a final round. Not that I hate him, or hate amricans. I'm just getting so sick of you arrogance.
04/14/08 @ 06:37
Comment from: Eddie (PROUD SOUTH AFRICAN) [Visitor] Email
The article is complete bollocks. But What the heck, Trevor is the champ, the americans lost, the world smiles. Really funny - if you go to the US masters website, you even have the option of tracking "only American" players. Whatever. That sums it up. The world is tired of US arrogance. Well done to a true champ, beating adversity and the field in the "hallowed" greens of Augusta. So much symbolism in that, it wonderful. South AFrica have far more talented golfers than the US CONSIDERING the size of the golf playing population, and far fewer resources available.
04/14/08 @ 08:01
Comment from: Johnny B [Visitor]
5 hours for a twosome Pathetic!! This article has nothing to do with Tiger or American Favortism. We as a nation are the slowest golfers. Pro golfers are setting a bad example bottom line.
04/14/08 @ 10:00
Comment from: Thomas M [Visitor] Email
Earlier rounds were 5,5 hours - why was nothing said then? Brad Faxon has said years earlier that some of the sloweste players on tour are the most well-known. Why single out the winner for slow play?
04/15/08 @ 01:34
Comment from: Thomas M [Visitor] Email
Oh, and why not take on the player that left a huge divot in the middle of the 18th fairway for Trevor to finish in??? Can just imagine if it was Tiger in that divot......
04/15/08 @ 01:36
Comment from: MKV to iPad [Visitor] Email
Brad Faxon has said years earlier that some of the sloweste players on tour are the most well-known.
06/09/10 @ 01:13

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