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Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
Agreed! Only time I take a cart is when I'm taking notes and
pics for a review (and still feel guilty).

And I agree about the yardage marker: Doesn't have to be a lot of them, but a clearly visible vertical marker would be a big help.
04/02/08 @ 21:53
Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Member] Email

Wish I could say I walked a lot, but usually I only do when I'm overseas.

The last time I walked a golf course in the southeast (Hilton Head), I stumbled upon the biggest alligator I've ever seen and nearly soiled myself.
04/02/08 @ 22:13
Comment from: Blazer [Visitor]
You're right about so many players not knowing how to use the cart properly. 10 practice swings for every shot, and usually they are too numerous to count, doesn't help either. Bad play is excusable, slow play isn't.
04/03/08 @ 17:06
Comment from: Bill Yates [Visitor] Email
I agree that carts can be a problem, however, there is no way you can blame the use of carts on having the starting times fall one half hour behind.

The reason your round started late and took over 5 hours was the fault of the course management team, not people using carts.

The guys runnung the course need to learn how to establish and control the flow of play on their course. If they do, you'll be surprised how quickly and how far the round times will drop and how they will never fall behind on the starting times they contracted with you to provide.
04/03/08 @ 18:46
Comment from: Scooter Mcgavin [Visitor] Email
Brother you hit the nail on the head with cart
ineptitude. I have a nickame that I stole from Stephen
Colbert for what seems like 75% of the people on the course
We call em clock gobblers.
04/08/08 @ 19:02
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Well, I disagree BTuck. I can't COUNT the number of times I have to WAIT FOR some flippin' guy waltzing along smelling the flowers as he WALKS up the fairway to his ball.

Poster Bill Yates hit it on the green in one - it's COURSE MANAGEMENT that's at fault. Courses need to set expectations - if they are going to condone longer time rounds then they need to sell less tee times. Then everyone can take their time, enjoy the scenery, and play at Steve Strickland's pace.

Well, then there's the yutz who takes 5 minutes to 'line up his shot' and then takes a half-dozen 'practice swings' - all to move his ball a total of 40 yards in the fairway...IF he did that well! We NEED golf carts....to RUN OVER idiots like THAT! ;)
04/09/08 @ 12:58

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