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Golf media takes colorful sound bites Sabbatini and Poulter for granted

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Rory Sabbatini and Ian Poulter have become the PGA Tour's court jesters for their ironic combination of girlie fashion sense and heroic "I can beat Tiger" statements. Sabbatini imposed a media boycott at the Mercedes Championship after press jumped a… more »

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke doesn't want you to take a Scotland golf trip!

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Traveling American golfer,United States Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke does not want you going to Scotland, Ireland, or anywhere in Europe to play links golf. My sources tell me its because Bernanke never mastered the bump-and-run and likes ri… more »

New Myrtle Beach area golf course opens this week: The Founder's Club

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New golf course openings are few and far between in the Grand Strand these days, so it's pretty big news a shiny new course will open this week: The Founders Club in Pawleys Island, just south of Myrtle Beach. It's the first to open in the Grand Strand s… more »

PGA Merchandise Show fashion winners and losers

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ORLANDO - Never fear everyone, B Tuck is back to bring some sense into golf's fashion world. I feel like fashion has taken over the PGA Show this year, practically half the space seems dedicated to apparel. And that's a good thing, because that means… more »

Sex may not sell, but sure draws a crowd at PGA Show

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ORLANDO - I think a proper equation for the PGA Show (and probably all trade shows for that matter) is that the amount of cleavage bore by a booth's models are relative to the uselessness of the product being hocked. Take Green Novelties, for instanc… more »

PGA Show littered with energy drinks for golfers

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ORLANDO - I'm sitting here in my Orlando hotel room looking at three, 2 oz. shots of competing energy drinks that are on display at the PGA Merchandise Show this week. I'm kind of bored, so I'm thinking about taking all three shots at once. Befor… more »

Free taxi rides for golfers: One of the reasons Disney World knows golf

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Golfers and mass transit don't get along very well. We're often leaving for the course with little time to spare, so taking the 20-minute bus ride to the course five minutes away by car is seldom a favored option. Hauling our clubs on buses or trains… more »

Americans - not Tilghman - need to look in the mirror after Golf Channel gaffe

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A collection of related thoughts on the ongoing Kelly Tilghman debacle: -How come whenever Rev. Al Sharpton is in the news it's because he is demanding someone be fired? I thought "Reverends" were supposed to forgive. -A more genuine apology and… more »

Golf becomes the hot topic at Republican debates in Myrtle Beach

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I had a feeling that last night's Republican debates in Myrtle Beach would be anything but ordinary. That was an understatement. Chuck Norris threw a Kia 100 feet in the parking lot, Rudy Giuliani was booed off the stage and Ron Paul revealed My… more »

Republicans, what is a major political debate doing in Myrtle Beach?

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I didn't even realize what was happening until yesterday. While at a red light one block from my office, six giant heads made of sand were suddenly staring at me from across the street of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. I thought I had suddenly b… more »

St. Andrews raises cost of local season pass, but residents still get the best deal in golf

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I've never doubted my chosen institution of higher learning more seriously than one late night last fall in St. Andrews. I was at One-o-One, a take-out joint in town that serves up late-night pizza and just about anything you can throw in a deep frye… more »

If a snake swallows four golf balls, should it really be saved?

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I am not an advocate of reptiles, especially snakes. I would mercilessly kill each one I encountered, if I didn't have a far greater fear of machetes. Sometimes in my cubicle, I am startled by my black phone cord in the corner of my left eye, because… more »