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Golfers and pedicures: an untapped marriage?

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It seems like a perfect fit: Vacationing golfers, playing 18-36 holes a day and wearing out their aching feet - followed by a rejuvenating pedicure in the hotel spa. Believe it or not, the service remains largely untapped by the male golfing demo… more »

One small step for golf, one giant leap for Poland!

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There are certain underdog golf destinations I can't help but root for as they try and gain attention among the many heavyweights like Arizona, Scotland and Myrtle Beach. Like Poland, for example. I suppose you can't really call a country of 40 m… more »

Dolphin sightings at Dataw Island make a good round special

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Probably the most rewarding thing about a round of golf - other than a roped 240-yard 3-wood over water to six feet - is when you are a witness to nature in action. Dataw Island is a small coastal community near Beaufort, SC. I'm still not all that s… more »

A 12-foot reason in favor of golf carts over walking

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There have been occasions during my time as a writer at where I have suggested that walking a golf course is a superior experience over riding. It's an argument that generally sparks passionate comments from each side. As of today, I am… more »

It was a good year for Michelle Wie (financially, at least)

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Forbes Magazine released its Top 20 Earners under 25 this week. Finishing 4th with an estimated $19 million in earnings from June 2006 thru June 2007 was 19-year-old Michelle Wie. She had an estimated $16 million in endorsements during this time.… more »

Planning a Myrtle Beach golf and bachelor party

1 feedback » reader Rick has written to us asking for advice on how to book a long weekend in Myrtle Beach for his bachelor party of twelve this February. Rick is looking for middle-range courses not too far from Myrtle Beach, because they would rat… more »

No Scotland? No Problem: Northern Ireland wants Trump's Golf Resort

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Donald Trump's proposed $2 billion resort is going to be built somewhere - if not in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Northern Ireland appears willing to fill the void, according to this story from the BBC. A representative from North Antrim in Northern… more »

Hon Min's Brookside Golf Course reader review has the memories pouring back!

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I'm always sure to check the reader reviews of golf courses on our network, looking to see if anyone's recently reviewed a course I've played in my travels. I use it as a sort of barometer really, ensuring that despite my lofty status a… more »