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The United States of Varying Liquor Laws

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Is anyone else fascinated by how each State in the Union has their own interpretations of how to distribute liquor to its citizens in a responsible manner? I've been in Myrtle Beach about a year now trying to comprehend South Carolina's odd regulatio… more »

Myrtle Beach's best golf value is right now during the holidays

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Myrtle Beach has a dizzying tee time rate structure. Courses have up to a dozen different rates based on the time of year. But right now during the holidays is probably the best combination of price and weather. Tee time operators report the cour… more »

Golf won't be a sport at 2012 Olympic Games in London

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Perhaps golf is clean of performance-enhancing drugs after all. How else could you explain its failure to be made an official sport at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, it was recently voted down. Phil Mickelson is supporting Olympic golf as he tees… more »